Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny!!

I took the kids to see the Easter Bunny tonight. They did wonderfully. Emma was very enthralled in the lights from the flash, and Landon was happy as could be to sit there and hold the yellow Easter egg while smiling and saying cheese. I am really thrilled they had so much fun, I was curious to see if Landon would be scared of this creature with an abnormally large head as my cousin Andrea puts it! We went and played in the play area of the mall after wards and then had dippin dots (rainbow sherbet of course) once Landon was all played out! We hope everyone has a good holy week. We are spending it with our family and friends, and hope you are able to do the same!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New badge

My friend Lindsay made this badge for Landon. Feel free to steal it and use it, but please just give her the credit for it. I am so stinkin' excited about it. It's the mito ribbon and then of course the VLCADD part is Landon's disorder. I really hope to spread it around and to hopefully be able to use it to spread awareness for Landon and other's with VLCADD and Mito. Thanks Again Lindsay, you rock!