Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boomer & Mud

I Love Boomer, but w/o fail every time it rains he MUST play in the mud afterwards. It's really cute, but can be totally frustrating when you are trying to sell your house. But he looks so cute, I can't stay mad at him about it long. Luckily this time I caught him before he got off of the tile and onto the carpet. He does look really cute and super proud that he was playing in the mud. I didn't get any pictures of him this time, but the picture is from the last time he played in the mud!

I am back to being super exhausted again. Probably b/c I didn't sleep well last night. I had to spray the "odoban" in the computer room again b/c of the humidity. After spraying it I had the epiphany that it's probably not a good idea for me to be inhaling the fumes b/c I am pregnant. So then I got all paranoid as to whether or not the fumes would cause birth defects, etc. So, needless to say I worried about that all night and didn't sleep well. I called the company and they said it has no effects, but then again they wouldn't want me to stop using their product. So I called the pharmacists and she assured me everything would be fine, she just wouldn't do what I did again, let someone else do it. So, Zach has a new job! I think he will enjoy it, maybe.

Not much else going on. We are pretty boring. Just getting ready to move and getting nervous and stressing about selling our house, although the realtos assures me we will have no problem. It hasn't sold yet, so I am going to be nervous/stressed about it until it does. Scott is supposed to hear from the builders of the house we want in Tucson today. I pray that they bring good news and we can have the lot he has picked out!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Boomer & Aaron

I came to my dad's office today to use his computer and study for my AZ licensing test while we had 3 separate Realtors showing our house. I am excited about all of the showing. Please pray that something comes out of them. I have to leave for AZ the last weekend in June to make my OB appt on the 30th. I am hoping that we have a contract on the house or better yet have it sold by then and be closing on it.

I brought Boomer with me to my dad's office so he wouldn't be in the house with the people coming through, and they wouldn't see anything dog related. He and my littlest brother, Aaron, are playing on the floor in one of the offices at my dad's. It is really cute and funny. It took Boomer a little time to warm up to Aaron (of course) but now that are goofing off. It's hilarious and cute. Shh don't tell Aaron!

My dad is going to lunch with a client at Rockfish (Aaron and I's favorite place to eat around here) and we told him that we wanted to go, but we would eat at a separate booth. So Aaron and I will get yummy lunch, but not have to sit throught the boring accounting stuff, Score!

Not much else going on today. I was able to sleep on and off until 9:15 this morning, but I did have to get up at least 4 time to pee during the night, that's going to get old real quick! But everyday I wake up I am a little more nauseas, which sucks for me but it's good new for Baby!

Oh! Scott and his mom went looking around some furniture store in Tucson yesterday and Scott said they found a chair that was bright pink that had the name "Addison" monogrammed on it and he and his mom about collapsed. For those that don't know Addison Jane is our front runner for a girl's name right now and Myself and Scott's grandma are certain we are having a girl! Bev offered to buy the chair when we find out for certain it's a girl!! Woohoo!!! That would be sooo cute. Scott also found some stuff online and at Loew's for a Puppy themed nursery. I really want to do the puppy theme it is really cute and we are HUGE dog people, and we could use it for the next baby since it will be basically uni-sexed! Everything is falling into place, I just can't wait until the 12th when I get to see the baby and the heart beat!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chillin' at home!

Zach and I aren't doing anything too exciting this weekend. We are just hanging around the house relaxing, which is nice for a change. Today we are pet sitting Rex, our friends dog while they are out, and he and Boomer are having a blast together! I am glad b/c last time we kept Rex, Boomer passed out as soon as he left! And I know Boomer misses the big dogs so it is nice for him to have another dog to play with instead of only humans!

I am going to spend a few hours studying for my licensing test today (*yawn*). I need to get started on it even though it's over a month and a half away. And I will take a trip to Target to get some groceries for Z's lunch this week and a few other things we have run out of! Maybe I will be able to take a nap (doubtful).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, Monday

I went back to working on my Speech hours today. I LOVE working with the kids, but they wear me out. I am exhausted, but feel that I shouldn't be. I also went by my dad's office and printed everything I would need to study for my AZ Speech exam. I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on my study-guide, but then realized it was for ALL of Special Ed not just speech. I am going to start studying an hour a night, starting tonight.

We had 3 people look at the house yesterday, and we have another realtor bringing someone tonight. That will make 25 people who have looked at the house in less than 3 weeks. I really hope someone buys it soon so I can meet Scott out in AZ sooner rather than later.

I am starting my 3 mile walk tonight, so wish me luck. I really want to take Boomer with me, but I don't think he could make it the whole way w/o me having to carry him. 3 miles will be hard w/o adding another 20 lbs to it! It would be nice to have the company though. We'll see.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers, Mothers-to-be, and Mom's of Angels like myself. Hope that everyone has a great day.

I cut Boomer down last night with the clippers. He was really hot and he had a TON of hair. It's kind of funny, but I feel bad also. Apparently he didn't hav as much hair on his back as he did on the rest of his body. When I went to cut it with the clippers it cut the hair really short and now he looks like he has a few bald spots on his back. So I had a doggie bandana and put it around his neck so you can't see the "bald" spots. I will leave the bandana until the hair mostly grows back. I feel so bad, but it's funny at the same time.

The realtor called yesterday about the lady who said she wanted to make an offer on the house. The lady is waiting for some paperwork from her job that she gets on the 15th, and then she will move forward on making an offer on the house. I am excited that she will come through and buy the house. We have people coming to look at the house this afternoon, so that's a good sign too.

Scott went looking at houses in AZ yesterday and I think he found a few that he really liked. He called and asked if he could put an offer down when he was ready w/o me seeing it. I told him yes, b/c of course I trust his judgement. I am happy to get a new house and decorate it ourselves!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cleaning w/ Zach

Today Zach and I are cleaning the house to make sure it looks great if someone comes and looks at it today. The one up side of Scott going to AZ is that he took Harry, our Husky, with him so there will no longer be clumps of hair to vaccum and sweep everyday.

Zach and I are getting along great. We split up the household chores this morning and they went alot faster and we had a good time talking while we did them. I think Scott is totally wrong about us not being able to get along. To quote Zach this morning "Hey Regan, We get along alot better when my dad is not here, do you notice that? I wish he could see it."

I am a little worried about Boomer, my dog who stayed behind with me. He has been moping around since the big dogs left, and I think he is confused about what is going on. He is being super clingy to me and Zach.

I still haven't heard back from the realtor about the lady wanting to make an offer on our house. I hope they call back today or before Monday, I am getting antsy to know if that lady will make an offer.

My dad called and invited Zach and I to go to the Taste of Addison this afternoon. I told I would be there and if Zach wanted to come he would come with me. I think it will be alot of fun, but has the possibility to get expensive. They have lots of food, bands, rides, etc. But, like the state fair they charge you an arm and a leg for everything. It will be fun though!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Scott's headed to AZ

Scott left for Arizona this morning. I expected to be bummed about it, but didn't think I would be holding back tears. He took the big dogs with him, and it's just Boomer, Zach and I.

The hardest part of it is not knowing exactly when I will be able to see him again. I am hoping the lady that said she was going to put an offer on our house this week comes through. We are supposed to hear back from her realtor today. If she makes an offer and we accept we would be moving right after school gets out and exactly when we wanted too.

I am going to try and keep myself busy while Scott is gone. I am going to start walking 3 miles every night while Scott is gone to get back to my wedding weight, so I have something to keep me busy also.

Kelly just called and asked me to lunch and to hang out with her. She rocks. She knew Scott left today and I would need some company/companionship. Friends are what get you through things :)