Friday, October 31, 2008

1st Trip to Labor & Delivery

It was a very nerve racking experience. We went for the first time last night, and i would be lying if I said we both weren't nervous.

Wednesday night right as we were laying down to go to bed, I started having really bad crampin in the lower part of my uterus. It wasn't fun, but I didn't get nervous until the contractions started. I wasn't sure what they were at first, but when they would build up and I was literally saying "omg, ouch, ouch, ouch" and was practically in tears until they went away that we realized what they were. They lasted about an hour, but were not coming in consistent intervals. I waslked around, drank water, and bounced/rocked on my birthing ball. They lasted from 11:30 p.m.-12:30a.m. I layed back down and eventually fell asleep, but when I woke up the next morning and the contractions were gone, but the cramping was still there. I called the doctor and explained what had happened. They said to take it easy and if the contractions returned, The cramping got worse, or I started bleeding to head to Labor & Delivery.

Thursday: I took it easy all day, lounged around, took a nap, surfed the internet, etc. The cramping was there all day. Starting around 4:00 p.m. I started getting really sharp pains in my abdomen and the cramping was more intense, especially when I would move around. I ttold Scott about it, we monitored it to see if it would go away, etc. At 7:45 p.m. Scott convinced me to call the doctor. The on-call doctor that shares on-calls times with my OB called back. We explained everything to her, and she said to head to Labor and Delivery. They wanted to make sure there was nothing else going on, especially pre-term labor.

Once we arrived at L&D we got checked in, they make you pee in a cup, etc. They hooked me up to the belly monitors. We were able to hear Landon's heart beat the entire time, and they monitored me to see if I was contracting. No contracting, thank God and Landon's heart beat they said was great. They checked my cervix and it was closed tight so I wasn't dialating. They ran a few tests and came back.

They said the contractions were Braxton Hicks, they usually aren't that painful but can be. They told me that since we are nearing the end and our in the 3rd trimester that they will be coming alot more frequently, it when they are timeable and consistent that we need to come back, ASAP. They said the cramping and intense pain in my abdomen was from both Landon and my Uterus growing, and it will be pretty common from here on out. Also, I was slightly dehydrated and need to drink alot more water. I thought I was drinking alot, but I am not used to being in the Desert and upping my water in-take because of it.

All in all they said everything was good. Landon looked Great (which is the important part) and I was doing well. They told me to take it slow from here on out, since the Braxton Hicks Contractions were that painful. Sarah, our nurse was awesome. I am glad that we went b/c now Scott and I feel so relieved that we know everything with Landon looks great. I hope to not see them again until at least January. We go on Tuesday to our regularly scheduled OB appt, so we will get to check on him again then too.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amanda Tagged Me, So here we go...

I have been tagged to list 7 unusual facts about myself then tag 7 of you to do the same. Here are my 7:

1. For years I hated that I had red hair. I hated that it made me stand out from everyone else, all I wantd was to have "normal" hair color like blonde, or brown. Now I love my red hair and would not trade it for anything.

2. I am a very picky eater. My food cannot touch or I have to seperate it all before I can start eating it, I do not eat things if they look funny or odd to me. If I am in the middle of eating it and I decide something looks odd or funny to me I will stop eating it immediately and move on, or go hungry until later. I also do not eat things b/c of their textures. For example: Bananas are mushy, I do not eat anything banana flavored either b/c it reminds me of their mushy-ness. There are alot more, but I will spare you the list.

3. My desk, room, etc. may look like a disaster, but I promise you I know the exact location of everything that I need or want. I also know the exact locations of Scott's stuff and can rattle it off if he asks me where anything is. I was tested in Elementary School and again in High School, I was only 1-3 points off from having a photographic memory.

4. I hate to wear shoes. They drive me nuts. I live in flip-flops or sandals of some kind until it gets so cold, my feet hurt. As soon as I get home any sort of shoe I am wearing comes off. This is true also for long car rides, plane rides, and in class in college. I prefer to be barefoot, but socks are do-able.

5. I am deathly afraid of fish. I stepped on an Alligator Gar in a lake when I was younger, and it scared me so much, that I am now scared of all fish. Crazy b/c I love to Scuba Dive. As long as they don't get too close I am fine. I will not clean a fish tank, touch a fish if I catch it when we go fishing, I will not eat fish that has been cooked w/ skin on it, it must be removed before I will touch it etc. In fact the first time I saw a fish when I went Scuba Diving I screamed so loud underwater the group I was with all turned around. But, I loved my Beta Fish Lunch b/c he sat happily in a vase with a plant, and all I had to do was feed him.

6. I dress Boomer up for Holidays. Last year he was a chicken for Halloween, this year he is going to be a pumpkin. He hates it, but he looks so cute. I put the pumpkin costume on him yesterday to try it out and he layed down and refused to move untilI took the hat off of his head. I also put thej ingle paws on him for Christmas.

7. I Love to cook. It is a big stress reliever for me, and has a great reward. Scott and Zach never complain. I love watching food network to get ideas, and trying new things. I cannot wait to be in my house again with my own kitchen and kitchen tools to get back to cooking my way.

I also HATE to vaccum. When I had foot surgery at 16 and was on crutches for 4 months, my mom made me vaccum on crutches 2 weeks after surgery. Every time I would push the vaccum the bottom of my foot would hit the floor and make me cry. Vaccuming reminds me of that, so I will do anything to get out of vaccuming the floors.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

28 weeks

By this week, Landon weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels. He can blink his eyes, which now sport lashes. With his eyesight developing, he may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. He's also developing billions of neurons in his brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"You Finally Look Pregnant"

That is the comment of the week. It comes from Scott's Grandma and Aunt. I know they mean well, but I thought I looked pregnant well before 28 weeks. I have only gained 7lbs total (ALL baby) so I guess I am not as big as most women at 28 weeks. But, I feel HUGE, and have for awhile now. I am seriously to the point where 2 of my t-shirts still fit, and I am starting to fill out Scott's. There are a few that barely fit, but oly in the belly. They are huge everywhere else. I may have to take a picture to show you, it's quite hillarious.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kid found the lungs!

So Landon has discovered both my Rib Cage and my Lungs. He isn't strong enough yet to make a difference when it comes to kicking me in the Rib Cage, but I know that will soon change. As for the beingi n the lungs...It feels like something (well, Landon) is pushing as hard as they can on my lugs in an upward motion. Not very comfortable, and while that is going on you also feel like you can not catch your breath. It is all worth it for Landon, but I really hope he doesn't decide to make a late debut.

Other than that everything is going well. I am convinced that Landon has taught himself to break dance, and I read the other day that he can open his eyes now! I am not sure why, but this was a milestone I was really looking forward too. Ooh and our house has paint, and doors now. Only around 4 more weeks until it is finished and we can move in about 2-3 weeks after that. yay!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

3 Hour Glucose Test

Is over. Thank God. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still tortuous. I have the holes in my arm to prove it. I didn't pass out though so I am proud of my self. I also got to have the Fruit Punch flavored Glucose drink...I highly reccomend this one over the orange, it tastes much better. I was a little "weak" feeling going into the place b/c I had not eaten since dinner last night, and was not allowed to eat until after the test was over. The first hour was the hardest. The sugar drink made me nauseous b/c of my empty stomach, and i was a little dizzy. The last 2 hours were easy though. It went pretty quickly, but I think that had more to do with dreading the needles so it came quicker. I didn't even feel faint or weak when we left, but I was famished. They took all 4 blood draws out of the same vein in my left arm. By the 4th one it hurt like hell, and my arm still does but it is all over. I am interested to see the size of the bruise that I will incure. My vein was almost totally collapsed by the 4th draw, but the one on my left arm rolls so they didn't want to risk it.

I treated myself to Starbucks afterwards. I felt like a total pig, but could have cared less. I had a piece of reduced fat blueberry coffee cake, chicken pesto pasta, a fruit and cheese plate, and a Pumpkin spice latte. It was good. I was still hungry but figured I should not over do it. I am still really tired from the experience. I came home and took an hour and a half nap. I could have slept longer, but then I wouldn't sleep tonight. I am just glad it is over with and I am confident that I passed the test. We won't find out until our next Doctor's appt on Nov. 4th though.

Side Note: We get to pick up our Dresser/Changing table combo this weekend! I am soo excited, hopefully the crib will be in too but seeing as I haven't recieved a phone call I doubt it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Those are the results of my 1 hour glucose test for Gestational Diabetes. My blood sugar was143 and the cutoff is 135. I Have to go on Friday for my 3 hours test, which is not even what I want to think about at this moment. You go in to lab, they draw your blood when you get there, make you drink that horrible glucose drink (It is basically a water down version of flat Sunkist that is WAY too sweet) in 5 minutes, and then once an hour for 3 hours they draw your blood again. Some people may be thinkingthat's not too bad." Well if you know me and my fear of needles, 4 blood draws in 3 hours is toture. My MIL is being nice enough to go with me so Scott doesnt have to take off work again. I am just praying that I can manage to not pass out from the sugar high, but more importantly the needles. I was very dizzy after the 1 hour test today, I can only imagine the 3 hour test. Hopefully it will all go well. Please pray that I am not diabetic.

Dr's Appointment:

Went very well. We had all of questions answered, were able to hear Landon's heart beat for longer than 2 seconds. I think he was in a sugar coma too, b/c he usually assaults the doppler machine. We are now on the every 2 weeks plan for seeing the doctor, so it should start going quickly to the end. I am a little bummed b/c we wil not get another ultra-sound unless there is a concern about something. I was hoping to see the little bugger one more time. We also learned that after 34 weeks (7 weeks for us) they will "not do anything heroic" to stop labor.

Today also officially starts the 3rd Trimester!! I am so excited. We are in the home stretch and our little guy will be here shortly. We ordered our crib and dresser yesterday. We will be able to pick up at least the dreser on Saturday, and possibly the crib if it makes it over from the warehouse on time! We have all the big ticket items for Landon and managed through thriftiness on my part, to get what we wanted but saving alot of money in the process :o)

Monday, October 20, 2008

House Update

We have walls!!! Outside and Inside!!! I am so excited. They finally put the dry wall up, and the concrete and stucco on the outside of the house. Our guess for what comes next is either the roof (the tiles have been sitting up there for quite some time now, or painting the inside and outside of the house. I hope they get alot done this week and when we go "visit" on Saturday we will have a front door an a garage door. They are claiming only 8 more weeks until we can move in!! I am so excited :o) Here are some pictures of what was done.

The outside of the house while they were cementing it. They happened to be working on the sides when we got there.

Scaffolding used to put the dry wall up in the "great room." You can definately tell how tall the ceiling is in the "great room" in this shot. Scott was standing upstairs in the loft area when he took this picture.

Landon's Room with Dry Wall. He has the largest window in any of the bedrooms and it looks out the front of the house.

The Kitchen with Drywall. Look we have a pseudo island now! Before it was just boards. Once they add the coutners, and counter tops it will look more "island-y".

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

26 weeks

Here we are at 26 weeks. We finished our Child Birth Education class last night, we even got a certificate. The lady said that we were now certified to give birth...which made me laugh b/c last time I checked i really didn't get a choice in that matter :o) I put the certificate on the fridge, and I am going to go back to my fantasy land of ignoring the fact that I am going to have to birth this kid. I am excited that we are getting close though. Scott told me last night "Your getting big." Thanks Honey ;o) I have only gained 6lbs (as of my last dr's appt) so it must be all baby. We go again next week for our monthly appt and Gestational Diabetes Test (not looking forward to this). After next week we will start going to appts every 2 weeks, and then at 36 weeks we will go once a week. Exciting stuff. Here are my belly pics from the week, and I have included some pictures from the fair as well. Still waiting on the Baby Shower pictures.

Belly Pics:

Definately Carrying him all out front. I am all belly now.

Still stretch mark free (knocks on wood quickly). Bely is really starting to itch now though.

Fair Pictures:

My Littles Brother Aaron and My super cool Friend Kristin acting like the goofs they are in some car at the Auto Show.

Aaron and Zach again acting liking goof's in front of the Home Depot Nascar Car. This pic is for my MIL who likes the Home Depot Car. Personally Nascar puts me to sleep and I don't watch it.

Me and Garry hanging out in a Mazda waiting for Scott to re-appear. He went MIA during this part of the fair. Too bad he missed all the fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

100 Days!

Only 100 Days until Landon is due!! I am so excited :o) We had a blast in Texas this weekend. I will post more about it later when I get the pictures off of my camera! The fair was fun, and we defiantely got our exercise for at least a few days! The baby shower was a blast too we got a ton of really neat and cute stuff, but again I will post more later with pictures! Thanks to everyone who came, and to Kristin for letting us crash at her house!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

25 Weeks!

Only 15 more weeks to go (In theory)!!. He has been doing summersaults, and they make me laugh b/c you can watch him do them from the outside. It feels really funny too, but I love every minute of it. He is supposed to weigh between 1.5-2lbs now! I can definately tell b/c he is getting harder and harder to lug around. I cannot wait to finally meet him and hold him, I am getting impatient even though I know he still has alot of growing to do!

At child birth class this week they passed around the Epidural needle, remember folks needles and I do not mix, you get one chance before I pass out. OMG That needle was HUGE! It looked like a Fountain pen. I am really glad that I will not be able to see it when they are putting it into my back! The nurse who runs the class was like "That's why they give you the Lidacaine (numbing) shot first, it doesnt hurt" So I piped up so these poor people don't frreak and I asked if anyone had had a Lidacaine shot, and 90% said no. I said "Well it's way better than this needle (epi needle), but it still stings a like bee when they do it." Class was interesting though, we got to see alot of the tubes, etc they use for labor, delivery, etc. Totally sold me on not wanting or consenting to Forceps use, they look like salad tongs! See Picture below:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on Job Interview

So I went to my job interview. I think I did very well, but I am bummed about it. When we got to the end and they talk about money, hours, etc. Well at this school district having my license, 2 years experience, and my bachelors degree they want to pay alot less than the going rate. I have a feeling they left some pertinent information out, this job sounds more like an aid than a Speech job. They have a PT and FT position available. We will see though, it would be a foot in the door at the school district, but WAY less than what I was making at my previous job. It is a job though, I wonder if I could negotiate it up some..we will see though.

Job Interview

I have a job Interview for an Inclusion Specialist for Speech today! I am excited about it and hope that I am able to get this job. It is at a High School that is really close to our new house :o) I just talked to the Principal yesterday when she called and she asked if I could come in immediately tomorrow (today) for an Interview. I just hope they don't discriminate b/c I am pregnant (I know they aren't allowed too, but alot of places still do). The school is year round, which would be a new experience, but it would give me 2 week breaks placed throughout the year to be at home w/ Landon, Scott and Zach. Please put me in your thoughts and prayers to attain this job. After the other company suddenly lost their contracts, and left me w/o a job a little over a month into it, this would be a great blessing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Excited

The week has finally come!! It is only Monday though :o( We leave for Dallas on Friday and I cannot wait to go!! We will be going to the State Fair, and Ghengis Grill (oh, how I miss you), seeing friends from church, my family, and our super cool friends are going to the fair with us! And our Baby Shower is on Sunday. It will be a busy, but fun and exciting weekend.

I never thought I would miss Dallas as much as I do. I could not wait to get out of there, and now I am excited about going back. I must admit I don't think it is the city that I miss, I really like living in Tucson. I miss all the people that we left behind. I have been missing my Dad, Sister, and Brothers like crazy, Scott and I's good friends, and being able to call anyone of them at anytime and go out and have fun (at places that I have heard of and know about!). Tucson is definately an adjustment from living in a really big city. I have never lived in a city so small, the only other place I have lived in Washington D.C. and we all know that is not small. Being in Tucson will me much easier once we move into our own house, Landon is finally here, and we meet some people and make some friends to go out with. We have met some neat people in our Child Birth class, so maybe we can make some other parents of young kids friends with them. We will see though.

I am ready to go eat me a Corn Dog, Funnell Cake, and a big REAL Dr. Pepper. I wonder what fried concoction the fair has come up with this year?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Presents & Job News

So I had a great birthday! I recieved a few presents from Scott and I am so excited. Here is what he got me:

This is the diaper bag that I really wanted from Babies 'R' Us. Scott bought it for me!! It's suede and has lots of pockets, and places to put stuff and it's light weight. I also love the blue camo :o)

This is the Willow Tree Figurine I have been wanting since before I got pregnant. I love Willow Tree Figurines and I collect the ones that mean something to my life. The first one I recieved was from my mom. She gave me the Guardian Angels one b/c my birthday is the feast day of the Guardian Angels in the Catholic Church (the religion I was raised in until I met Scott and converted to Lutheran).

We had Ice Cream cake from Baskin Robbins which is w/o fail the favorite type of cake in the house for everyone. I like cake period, but with Ice Cream it's that much better!

Job News: I recieved a call today from a hospital in Wilcox, AZ (about a 45 minute drive from our new house). They are interested in me for a Speech Job there. I am excited about it. I always thought working in a hospital would be fun, and I could wear scrubs! Please pray that this job pans out. I didn't tell them I was pregnant, but they will find out as soon as I walk through the door at the interview.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today I turn 25, or old as my brother told me this morning :o) I am officially 1/4 of a century old! I am excited about my birthday. I slept in, went to this really cool steakhouse place for lunch with Scott, Zach has a Cross Country meet this afternoon, and then we are going to dinner w/ Scott's mom and grandma! Then it is my favorite part and the reason I celebrate Birthdays...CAKE..YUMM. If you don't know me that well in real life I Love Cake. It is the entire reason I attend most weddings (and for my friends of course, but the cake is the highlight for me). My friend Heather told me when I got married that she wasn't going to miss it b/c "It's Regan's wedding that means the cake will kick ass." Yes, I Love Cake that much.

Thanks to everyone who sent e-cards and myspace and facebook messages! I am anxious to see what all will come in the mail, and next weekend when we go to Dallas! Scott bought me my diaper bag (I will post a picture when we get home from Dinner) and I am super excited about it. I also got a manicure and pedicure and that was so relaxing.

My mom hasn't called, but am I surprised? not really. The rest of her family has called and wished me a Happy Birthday so that's cool!

I will post pics when I get home!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

24 weeks!!!

Today marks 24 weeks! And Landon is now viable outside of the womb, with alot of help obviously. I feel really good now that I know that *if* something were to happen he could make it through. His new favorite activity this week is to turn full flips at around 5-6:00 in the morning. It is a realy cool feeling, and I love just lying still watching (b/c you can see it too) and feeling him move so much.
I think that my belly has doubled in size recently. He is growing big really quick. He weighs between 1-1.25 lbs already. Here's to hoping his growth spurt slows a little at the end!

We had birthing class again last night. Is it bad that when we are sitting there and they are talking about birth and the not-so-fun parts I feel way better when I look around the room at all the other pregnant women and go "ha ha you ladies have to go through this too..." That's probably not a good outlook, but currently the thought of giving birth (especially after watching the videos, and watching the lady squeeze the doll through the model of your pelvic bone) is freaking me out. They talked about the delivery of the placenta last night and had a fake model of one. After class Scott asked me if i wanted to go play with it. He's really good about joking around and keeping everyone (not just me) laughing in class, but no I did not want to play with the placenta. I have no desire to lay eyes on the real thing either, the thought of it is gross. It was funny though that the nurse said that some couples request to take it home and plant a tree with it. The first thought that came to my mind was "dog food" well yea and I didn't keep it to myself. I almost made Scott horf. I thought "dog food" b/c those of youthat know our Lab, Schwepps, would agree with me that the first thing she would do is dig it up and eat...gross, yes, but definately true. So, no Placenta tree planting for us.