Friday, July 26, 2013

Little Fishy's & A Mito BBQ

We have been playing our hearts out this summer, the kids have really loved and taken advantage of the pool where we live. They have swimming lessons or water play every day at their school, and I have seen a huge change in them from the beginning of the summer. Around here we can start swimming in April, and we're usually out there since we love it so much. This year it took a lot of convincing to get the kids off of the steps of the pool. As soon as they started swimming and water play at school, they immediately couldn't wait to jump in. I've said it before, but we are constantly blown away by what they are learning and doing at school.

Landon Swimming in the pool, he has become so brave and begs to go swimming every day

Gatorade break for my Mito kid, and sister can't be left out.

E's new favorite thing is to jump into the pool and for you to catch her, and swim her back to the steps in the shallow end.

We also attended a Mito BBQ put on by our fabulous Mito friends and family. It was in Phoenix, and it benefited Tgen's Center for Rare Childhood Disorders, and more specifically The Mylee Grace Research fund for Childhood Disorders. Both can be found Here (Mylee Grace) and Here (Tgen), please take a minute to review them for they are pivotal in helping us find a cure and raise awareness for Mitochondrial Disease.

The Mito BBQ was a lot of fun. We played ping pong, horse shoes, looked through the vendors that were there, and listen to several amazing bands including The Sugar Thieves. We were able to meet a lot of the doctors and researchers with Tgen, as well as our fellow Mito families whom we love so much and have helped us through a lot of rough times. It really is a blessing to have these Amazing women and families in our lives, they truly know and understand what we have been through and the road we still have to travel to help not only our kids but others like them. We loose way to many kids to this horrible disease every year, and it's just heart breaking that most kids will not live past their 20's. But enough of my Mito soap box.

Mito Picnic Picture. Thanks to Mylee's amazing mom for catching this moment. 

We have also spent a lot of summer nights at the Desert Museum here, we have a membership and when they have their evening events in the summer we take full advantage. The kids love the section where the docents help them use their black lights to find scorpions in the rock crevices on one of the walls. Not to worry, they make sure (as do we) that they do not get close to them. Our other favorite parts are the fish in the aquarium, the owls, and the kids absolutely love to play with the tarantula at the docent station. I personally do not understand this as I hate spiders, but they think it's fabulous and hilarious. My favorite memory so far of the Sonoran Nights at the Desert Museum was when I was talking to Landon and Emeline about how the animals we were seeing were Nocturnal since they were out at night time. Landon turns to me and tells me 'yes mommy, because animals that come out during the day are Diurnal.' This completely floored me, and I asked him how he knew this and where he learned this. He immediately told me, 'My teachers at school taught me this, mommy' and of course E chimes in with 'yeah.'

Our favorite owl friend at the Desert Museum, we always have to find him. He's not a huge fan of the kids flash lights though.

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