Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can't Freaking Wait

The List of Fried Food for the Texas State Fair came out today!!! OMG, I cannot freaking wait to go shove my face full of this goodness. If you know me at.all. you know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Texas State Fair! We will be going when we go home to Dallas to visit for a few days in a few weeks!! Here is the link to the fried foods they will have this year. What's your favorite??

Fried Goodness 2011

Disclaimer: Landon obviously will not be indulging in these treats, just me and the other non FOD people (we are going with a big group of family and friends).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amazing Friends

The kids and I have these truly amazing, generous, adorable, sweet, and kick butt friends. Yea, they rock that much. They live almost across the street from us (a few houses down, well we live in the apex of the loop so no one is really across from us directly). I'll call them by their initials L&N to keep their anonymity. Their son J has a genetic disorder, not anything like Landon, and he is truly amazing as well. They are such a blast and have really been a rock for the kids and I since we have had to return to Arizona. N has been a life saver in keeping the kids for me when I have to go places where they can't tag along, or like last week when I had to rush Landon to the ER for a virus and disorder related issues she took E without hesitation for me. N is also the best cook. Seriously. I wish I could effortlessly cook all the amazing things that she does. We usually have dinner with them once a week and we share in the cooking. It really is a blast. It usually works out to be Saturday nights when it's just me and E and I am missing Landon so, so much. They help keep me occupied (well other than E, she's cute and very fun), and my mind off missing him as much as possible. So I just wanted to share our appreciation of how wonderful they are, and what great christian friends they are. They truly are a blessing in my life. I call N my AZ Holly Day, and that is a HUGE deal. We Love Y'all and thanks for being such amazing people!

Here are a few pics from E playing with J on Saturday!

Having a blast 'riding' the Lion in J's room!

E the lion tamer!! She was so proud that she could sit up there all by herself.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


O.K. Those of you that know me, know how passionate I am about bringing awareness to Landon's disorder. There is an amazing page on facebook of a girl who is a Freshman at a High School in Dallas (couldn't be more perfect, right??). Her little brother has mito. It doesn't say specifically which disorder under mito, or if it's even known. Please go and like their facebook page and share it on your page. She is trying to spread mito awareness to 10,000 people in a week! This could do wonders for the mito community and getting the word out there. She is going to add a tab of "Mito Kids" and I submitted Landon to be a part of it (Mito Moms, there's a post on the page's wall on how to do this), so I am really hoping he gets put up there!! It's amazing what young people can do. I'm excited to watch and (hopefully) see the likes be WAY over $10,000 by the end of the 1 week period!

Here's the link! Wish GRANTed

Monday, August 8, 2011

S'mores cake and update

We are hanging in there. Spending most of our time indoors due to the heat. Landon and I have been playing soccer in the neighborhood park a few days a week to get out and to get some fun exercise. E loves to play in the grass and watch! We also enjoy going swimming at the neighborhood pool and of course as many trips down the slide as Landon can squeeze in!

E turned 8 months old on Friday, I just can't wrap my head around the fact that she will be 1 in 4 short months. Where has the last year gone??

We decided to try a new baking recipe this weekend, I have recently joined Pinterest and it's amazing (thanks Andrea!). I found this cake on there and just had to try it. It's a 7 layer s'mores cake, and the recipe came from this amazing blog; It took me a bit to make it (read: 2 days) due to distractions and playing with the kids, but let me tell you, it was well worth it. Landon had a very, very small bite last night (it's not FOD friendly at.all.) and I couldn't even finish my small slice (see picture). So, I plan on having neighbors and friends over to help me eat this cake!!

I am hoping to get out some this next weekend and take the kids back to the Children's Museum. They had such a blast the first time we went, and it's indoors with AC! It doesn't hurt that we have a membership since we also have a zoo membership! Pictures to come for sure!

I will leave you with E's 8 month pics as well as pictures of this amazing cake!!


I can't get the picture to rotate sorry, she looks so big to me though!