Saturday, June 22, 2013

Geneticists Appointment.

Friday, Landon and I traveled the 2+ hours for his biannual geneticists appointment. I always try to make this a fun experience, his geneticist is in a children's hospital and it's huge and has a lot of stimulating things for the kids. Landon loves to run around and play with all of the lights, and interactive things they have on the floors and walls.

The clinic was running a bit behind so we had to wait, we had planned to visit a favorite of ours for lunch but due to the delay we ate in the cafeteria. Landon loved it, he was able to pick something diet appropriate from the vast array of food they had. We then wandered to the gift shop as always, for no reason Landon just likes to look at all the neat things. He proceeded to go through the shop and tell me everything he wanted for his most of the boy items in the store, and a few for his sister.

Fast forward to his appointment. Landon is 42.5 inches and 39.7 lbs. We met with one of his Metabolic dietitians, and she was very pleased with his progress. His diet will remain at 21grams a fat per day, 6 mL of Levocarnitine twice a day, and 3 scoops of MCT Pro-Cal daily. His geneticist was really impressed with his energy level, and especially how smart Landon is. He asked him questions about his colors, and then Landon told him which combinations of colors made different colors. Needless to say the doctor was floored at his level of intelligence.

Landon had his blood draw, and he did very very well. He was scared and snuggled into me, but was very brave and I was quite proud of him. We ventured back to Tucson, and Landon fell asleep before we could hit the main highway. We had fun, which is always the goal and he looks great which is always a weight off of my shoulders. He will continue to see them on an every 6 month basis, and the cardiologist annually.
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