Friday, August 17, 2012

Sneak Peak!

The shorties and I are in Dallas visiting my family and collecting furniture for our new digs! While we have been here, we had pictures taken by an amazingly talented photographer. Here is a sneak peak of the pics, I will update with more pics and on our fun here in Dallas in a few days! We still have almost a week left, and will be plenty busy, so there will be lots to share.

E looking so grown up, she turned 20 months on Aug 5th!

I am in love with this picture of Landon and I, he rarely sits still these days so it was wonderful to capture him and I here.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life never slows down!

We've been incredibly busy around here lately. Landon was released from the hospital on Friday July 20th! He's been doing amazing since, he had a follow up with the pediatrician and they said he looked wonderful. No other Mito/VLCADD issues since, and he has adjusted well to the reduction in MCT Procal our Metabolic Nutritionist put into effect in June when we went for his check up at Phoenix Childrens Hopsital. He dropped from 5 scoops a day to 3 scoops a day, and therefore he has to intake more calories from food to make up the difference (low fat of course). 

We've been spending our summer days playing with friends, hanging out, swimming,  and now watching the Olympics. We are Olympic nerds here, I was a gymnast for 12+ years so it's a must watch in our house. The kids also love to watch the swimming competitions, E goes 'yay simming' when she see's it come on the screen! Landon loves to jump off the couch the same way the swimmers jump off the blocks, no worries we put pillows under him, and he always lands on his feet. Landon also seems to know who Missy Franklin and Michael Phelps are and loves to cheer them on, he and E will scream, 'go, go, go' at the tv the whole idea who they get that from ;)

There's quite a bit of behind the scenes activity around here, that will hopefully calm down by early fall.  We are definitely looking forward to the cooler temps, it's been 109 degrees plus here most days and it gets old quick. We are really looking forward to the holidays for sure starting with the TX state fair, haha! 

The neighborhood had a water balloon fight a few weekends ago, and Landon and E just had a blast! Here is Landon helping to pick up the balloon pieces, until he decided to dump them back out!

Landon in the thick of the balloon fight, he and his friend J were in the middle of the action the whole time. E really enjoyed it as well, laughing every time someone was pegged with a balloon and it busted!