Thursday, July 31, 2008

14 Weeks & Big U/S Scheduled!!

We had our 14 week appointment today. After my trouble with the dr's office the other day, I was a little weary to go in today. I saw the male doctor and I really like him!! He took the time to talk to me and answer my questions. I told him I have been having trouble with feeling like I am going to pass out when standing, in the shower, and sometimes just doing whatever. He said it is b/c baby gets all the nutrients first and I get what is left over so it causes your bloddo sugar to spike and then drop quickly. He told me what kind of snacks to eat to help it and to drink lots of water, not the root beer I have been craving. We then listened to the baby's heart beat through the doppler and it sounded great. He said the baby was doing great, I was great and he would see us in 4 weeks. He also told us that with such a strong heart beat, and being in the 2nd trimester that the chance of a mis-carriage is <1% which made me feel really good.

We also were able to schedule the BIG ultrasound today. I am soo excited. It will be in 5 weeks at 19 weeks. Specifically on Sept 3rd at 9:45 a.m. We will know what the baby is right before our 1st anniversary!!! Baby is currently sitting right below my belly button and I wil be able to feel it moving in the next 3-5 weeks (in theory), I am really excited.

In house news we lowered the price again. As of today we have had 99 showings. The other houses in the neighborhood have sold for less per square foot than ours so we had to lower it to match. Hopefully we will sell the house in the next few weeks. Scott said if we sold the house then we could put a pool in the new one...come on house sell!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

2nd Trimester!

We made it to 2nd tri! woohoo. Nothing exciting to mark it, but the risk of m/c is down to about 4% so I am super happy about that. I still have not told my mom I am pregnant, and I really don't know how. I am going to wait until after my 14 week appt on Thursday and then I am making myself tell her. I think I will send her a card or soemthing with an u/s pic. Any ideas?

All 3 of us will be in Dallas from October10-12. We will be going to the fair on the 11th (yumm corn dog's), and then hanging out with friends and family on the 12th until our flight leaves in the evening. Should be fun times, I am excited about going.

I have orientation for my job on Friday. I am excited to go, but had a weird conversation with my HR lady today. I told her that I had no heard from the Special Ed director where I would be working on when I would be starting, and she said not to worry about it, you have plenty of time, I will tell you on Friday. Whatever in the heck that is supposed to mean. I guess I will just wait until Friday. School starts here on August 6th, and Friday is the what does "plenty of time" mean? I also still need to tell them I am pregnant, but I was going to wait and start working first. We will see what Friday holds I guess.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

13 weeks!

We made it to 13 weeks! Technically it was yesterday, and if you go by how we measured at the last u/s it was Sunday, but that's a moot point. Only 2 more days until the 2nd trimester and we are mostly out of the woods for losing baby!! I am so excited. I go to the doctor next week for my 14 week appt and we get to schedule the BIG u/s where we find out the sex of the baby then!! We will have that u/s at the hospital where baby is born b/c they have the level 2 u/s machine. What that means...I have no idea. We will also sign up for birthing classes, and out hospital tour at that point as well. It is going alot faster than I thought it would! We finally decided on baby furniture, now we just have to ait to order it until I start working and we have a better idea of when the house will be finished.

Monday morning Scott noticed my "pregnant pooch" as he called it. Not sure I like the word pooch, but it was cute that he pointed it out. I had not even noticed it yet so he is good.

For all you Dallas folks, we will be back to visit (read: go to the fair) the weekend of October 10-12. We will be going to the fair with Gary and Kristin on the 11th and hopefully hang out with my dad and brothers and sister on the 12th. Give us a shout if you are interested in going to the fair with us.

I will start posting belly pics in the next week or so, you can't see too much yet, but that should change soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long time, sorry.

Life has been hectic. Sorry for the big lull between blog posts. My MIL's computer wasn't letting me log-in to blogspot so Scott had to run spy ware, etc and clear mostly everything out of the history and cookies so I could get on. Such a sweet husband!

They started building our house!!! I am so exicted. We went out to the home site yesterday to sign some papers with the builder and we decided to look at the lot while we were waiting, and they have layed out the boards where the house will be! The next step is to lay the inder-ground plumbing. They will have to get that inspected and pass and then they will poor the foundation. I think I will start going out weekly on the weekends to take pictures. Sorry I don't have a picture of it now, we weren't expecting anything to be on the lot yet. We also had our pre-construction meeting while we were there and they said weather pending the house will be built in 90 days! That means we could be in before Christmas AND BEFORE baby!!! I am soo excited.

Our house in TX is back on the market. We had an offer on it yesterday, but we laughed at it and told them no way. We have had quite a few showings so that is good, hopefully something will come up soon since they have started the other house!

I have my 14 week appt next week. I am so excited, we will be in the 2nd trimester on Saturday! In some ways the time has flown and in other ways I remember it all. I am not as sick as I was. There are still some foods that make me gag, or looking at them makes me go "nope no way." Hopefully that will stop soon! Root beer has become like crack to me, it is crazy! Thank goodness A&W is caffeine free and not made w/ artificial sweetners so I can have as much as I want!! I also found this caffeine free pregnancy tea that is really good to drink! I put sugar in it and it is great! I bought it at Fry's (It's a grocery store here in AZ, not an electronics store. They are owned by Kroger).

We now have Arizona driver's License's. Along with the Xterra and the Ranger have AZ plates and registration. Scott and I spent 1/2 the day friday getting all of this taken care of. We only have the Jetta left to do, but my TX registration doesn't expire until October so I will do it then. I was very sad to get rid of my TX driver's license. I had the most kick-ass number, it was easy to remember! My AZ drivers license doesnt expire until 2048! Apparently I will be 60 something by then....scary thought.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

11 weeks!

We have made it to 11 weeks as of today!! I am excited only 2 weeks and 3 days more until 2nd trimester. Woohoo!

Not too much going on here. I am studying for My Arizona test for my license. The test is on Saturday. For whatever reason I am very calm and relaxed about it. I have been studying on and off, but I am not worried about it. Weird. Wish me luck. I am a little nervous about the essay, but everyone i have talked to at my employer has said that it is no big deal and you'll be fine.

We have a set back on the house :o( Our realtor called last night saying that the buyers demanded we give them 3 days to back out (option period ended over a week ago) or they would back out right then and forfit their money. Apparently they actually read the HOA stuff and it said that you can't have a car w/ a company logo parked in the drive way. Well apparently this lady has a live-in boyfriend that owns a plumbing business and he has to park his van in the back. This is all al oad of crap b/c all of the realtos, etc in the neighborhood have their logos all over their cars, the lawn people who live in the neighborhood have their trucks w/ trailers with the logo on them. AND we had our Xterra parked out back for 5 years with logo stickers from companies we had put their parts on it for 4-wheeling, etc and the HOA NEVER said anything to us about it and the president lived across the street from us. And to top it all off, the mailbox that a family's teenager ran over 3 years ago still hasnt been fixed. They just piled the bricks up and set the actual mailbox part on top of it. If this sale doesnt go through b/c of this Scott and I are seriously considering taking some form of action against the HOA b/c all of the sudden they are "enforcing" something on a buyer that they don't enforce on anyone else in the neighborhood. Excuse me, but BULL SHIT!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Alot to catch up on

Since arriving in AZ we have had alot of stuff going on. Some good, some sad. But all of it is a part of life (unofrtunately in some cases).

I'm going to make a list b.c it will be alot easier than trying to organize it any other way.

1. We finished picking out everything for the house. It was alot of fun, and neat to see everything together. I cannot wait to see the house finished in the next few months. We are now in the waiting game. The builder is supposed to call us any day now to go lay out on the lot where we want our house to sit. After that they will start to build the house, which is the exciting part.

2. This is the sad part. On Thursday I noticed a lump and some blood under the right front leg (basically his arm pit) of our Husky, Harry. We took him to the vet up the street and they did tests and blood work, etc. We found out that he had cancer (the tumor was bleeding b/c it had burst from irritation). He also had Valley Fever, which is a sickness that dogs and humans can get here in AZ. You get it from sniffing or breathing in the spores. It is curable but takes at least 6 months of treatments that are hyper expensive. Harry also had (we already knew about these) a problem where his spinal cord was fusing together which was causing him great pain even though he never complained. As well as a condition that Husky's get that the blood vessels in their eyes grow into the cornea causing problems.

Unfortunately we had to make the hard decision on putting him to sleep on Thursday. It was the right thing to do, but it didn't make it any easier. Scott, Z, myself, and my MIL where there with him when he was put down. The house is really weird w/o him and it's even more wierd to only have Boomer and Schwepps left.

3. Some happier things. We had friends over for the 4th of july (friends from church in TX that moved out here last year) and we went and saw the fireworks at A mountain. It was alot of fun and it was great to catch up with everyone.

4. Scott, Bev and I went looking for furniture for the new house. This house is WAY bigger than the one we had in Frisco so we will need lots of new stuff to fill in the spaces. We found ALOT of stuff that we really liked. We will continue to look b/ we cannot buy anything until the house is near finished b/c we have no where to store it until then.

5. Finally I am going today to meet with Marissa, the HR lady that I have been talking to for months over the phone at my new job. I am really excited to finally meet her and getting everything ready to start work in August.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

10 weeks!!!

We made it to 10 weeks in one piece! Through the move, the 16 hour drive, and all that chaos. I am so glad to be here, and nearing the end of the 1st trimester and morning Sickness!!

I went to my new OBGYN here in Arizona today. She was really nice and I really like her. She and her husband are a team together so I will be seeing both of them through the whole thing. Not to sure how I feel about a male being all up in my business besides Scott, but I am sure it will be fine. I trust them. We had another u/s today and Scott was able to see the baby!! It actually looks like a baby now (see picture above). It was really neat to see him/her again. Baby has grown soo much I was amazed. It measured at 10w 3d, but the doctor didnt want to change the due date quite yet. They want to see where we are measuring at our big u/s in 10 weeks and go from there. We will be able to find out the sex of the baby at the next u/s I am soooo Excited. It's definately a girl, but still it will be nice to know for sure. We got to see the heart beat (again for me). She tried to let us hear it, but baby was moving around too much and was un-cooperative. Figures huh? ha ha.

Everything is finally coming together! We picked out the remaining stuff for the interior of the house yesterday and signed off on it :o) I added 14K worth of stuff, and it was a blast! I can't wait for the house to be done and to be able to see it all put together and move in and go shopping for all the fun stuff we will need now that our house is WAY bigger! I will take pics next time we go out to the site of the model home to give you an idea of what it will look like!