Friday, October 5, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

The shorties and I ventured down to Wilcox this week to go to the Pumpkin Patch, we also enjoyed picking some veggies and exploring the farm. The kids were especially interested in the tractors, and were a bit disappointed they couldn't climb all over them. It was 90+ degrees, so it was a bit hot, but we had a great time with some amazing friends! Picking our pumpkin off the vine really reminded me of when I was younger and doing the same back home. I wish we had an arboretum here in AZ like they coin Dallas, but alas they do not. I'm hoping the weather will turn more fall like, but I've been told not to hold my breath. I really miss actually having season!

Shorties trying to convince me that it was o.k. for them to climb on and around the tractor. No worries, it didn't happen.

Landon taking a break walking through the pumpkin patch. He really enjoyed getting to pick his pumpkin off the vine. 

E and Landon looking for the pumpkin they wanted to pick off the vine.

E playing in the pumpkin area they had set up!

Landon told me he wanted to drive tractors when he grows up after seeing this one drive by us in the pumpkin patch.

A rare, but fun pic of the shorties and I in the pumpkins. 

Landon absolutely loved carrying this orange bucket around while we were looking at the vegetables you could pick. He loved helping me try to find veggies to take home to eat. 

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