Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Post

I am not one to usually say anything or talk about brands when it comes to products. But, I am going to make an exception this time. I have found some amazing stuff that I believe will be helpful to my VLCAD friends and well anyone looking for loq fat snack or food options. It is always exciting to find a snack that is within Landon's calorie to fat ratio set for by his metabolic nutritionist (1 gram of fat per 50 calories), but it's even more exciting to find ones that have ZERO fat!

I was wondering through Sam's last night with my mom looking for snack options for Landon that he could have on a regular basis (not an easy task, let me tell you...or usually a cheap one). But, we stopped at these pretzel chip/cracker things. When I checked the fat on the backit was ZERO, I was so excited. Not only does Landon LOVE pretzels, but they are usually really hard to find within his fat ratio. These pretzels have 0 fat and only 110 calories. I literally did a small happy dance in the middle of aisle at Sam's. So, i took a picture so you could all see them and hopefully find them near you. I have only seen them at Sam's, but they may be else where and I just haven't noticed.

I know most fat free foods  have no taste, but I always taste things when I give them to Landon. That way if he doesn't like them I will know why, and also just out of curiosity. I am not a pretzel eater by any means, but even I can't put these suckers down...they are really that good. I think with a little cheese (we will probably use laughing cow, and just a small amount) they would be even better!

My other food rave of the day is powdered peanut butter. I have searched high and low for this stuff and wasn't able to find it. My dad and I wandered into this little store right by his office a week or so ago. They had a sign all lit up that said they sold fat free foods (I was skeptical, but figured why not?). They had salad dressings and what not (things Landon clearly is not interested in yet, but could be used for marinades down the road), and when I was asking about their pastries (it's apparently a bakery too but only gluten free, not fat free...urgh), I saw on the counter the powdered peanut butter. My dad thought i was nuts that I was so excited over something so odd...but I quickly educated him on the facts. Powdered peanut butter has 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. This kind (see pic below) has 1.5 grams of fat and only 45 calories, clearly within Landon's ratio!! Regular peanut butter has 16 grams of fat and 190 calories, NOT in our ratio of acceptable foods. The store also had it in powdered peanut butter with a little bit of chocolate, which sounds yummy and I may get next time for him...but at $8 a container I couldn't justify it until we needed more.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing at the Park

I took the kiddos to the park today. Landon had a blast playing, sliding, running, and swinging. Ms. Emeline had a great time snoozing away in her sling! The weather was beautiful today so I figured it would be nice to get Landon out to play and burn off some of his energy...I truly wish I had half of his energy, I could get so much done! We had fun and then came home and ate lunch and are about to take a nap. Have a great day everyone!

Ready, Set, Go!!

This boy loves to slide!!

Brave Boy! He accidentally got stuck like this and bravely slid down this way. I caught him at the bottom and we celebrated how brave he is!!

He is getting so big, I  love it but at the same time wish it would slow down just a bit. And yes, the Binky thief was at it again. It was confiscated right after I took the picture.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recent pics & update!

Sorry for being MIA (again). It has been a complete whirlwind since Emeline was born. With the holidays and my mom coming to visit for 2 weeks. Then after all of that slowed down and we were getting back to "normal" I was rushed to the ER in an ambulance for extreme and excruciating right side abdominal pain. Spent 2 days and 1 night in the hospital to find out I needed Emergency Gallbladder surgery ASAP, and that I had a small amount of fluid around my heart and lungs (from having E, it happens in some women) and I am not to have any more children...good thing we were done. So, I had my Gallbladder removed on 1/10/11 and my Aunt came to stay with us for a week to help out. Then Landon turned 2 on 1/19/11 and we left for Dallas on 1/20/11 (we drove) to surprise my mom for her birthday on 1/25/11. We are still in Dallas visiting and having a great time. We've played in the record snow they have here, and celebrated lots and lots of birthdays and the grandparents are having a blast with the kiddos.

In good news Landon has not been hospitalized in over a year, in fact it's been 14 months!! I am so happy. He is doing really great! At his 2 year well check he was 37 inches (tall!) and 29.8 pounds. We see the Geneticist in March (after having our appt rescheduled buckoos of times by them), so I am interested to see how he is doing from a Metabolic stand point. I am expecting great news like always!!

So here are some new pics of the kiddos and a few from Christmas that were taken by our good friend Garry and his dad...thanks guys!

Emeline in my Christening gown the day she was baptised!

Love this!

Playing 'Toddler Teasers' with Landon waiting for the pictures to start...oops. I love this picture though.

**It's not letting me add the other ones right now, so I will add them tomorrow when I get the chance (read: nap time!).**