Monday, September 29, 2008

We bought our Travel System!!

I am so excited. We bought our Travel System for Landon on Saturday. We had planned onm buying it when Scott got paid last week, but when we went to Babies 'R' Us to ick it up we didnt know that we had picked the best day to buy it. We already had 20% off coupons for a single item in the store. They expire on my birthday so we decided to use them on something big so they would be worth while. Armed with coupons we drove to the other side of town (to the really big BRU that has alot more than the little one on our side of town), we arrived at BRU and it was PACKED with people. We just thought we picked a popular day to go shopping...nope. It happened to be the anniversary for the store so they were giving 10% off on your purchase. Woohoo that means in total we would save 30% on our stroller! So, we went and got it off the shelf, put it in the cart and of course looked around some. They were having a fashion show for Halloween, Zach got alot of coupons for free stuff at Chick-fil-a for spinning the prize wheel, etc. When we went to check out we found out that all in all we saved almost $60.00 on our stroller. Score! Those of you that know about them...those suckers are NOT cheap. We are proud of ourselves and our stroke of Good Luck!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bummed about Crib

We found a crib we liked a few months. It matches the bedding, the theme in the house, etc. Well we went to Babies R Us yesterday to buy our Travel System (stroller and car seat together). It was their anniversary so they had 10% off everything in the store. We had coupons for 20% off a single item (I had 4 coupons). So we decided to order our Crib and Changing table/dresser (It would have been over $100 off!). We told guy which one we wanted and he looked it up ont he computer. Come to find out it is an older model, probably why it was cheaper than the others, and it is being re-tested for safety standards. They will not know if they will be getting anymore in stock, etc for at least 2-3 more weeks if at all. I am really bummed. I really like the set that we picked out and it was affordable. The next price on cribs, dressers, changing tables jumps at least $100. I guess we were not meant to have that set, or it is God's way of telling us to wait and soemthing better might come along. We will see. I have been looking all around and all of the other ones are so dang expensive. Wish us luck!

Well, now that I look up the crib company to try and show a picture of what we picked out I found out that alot of their cribs have been recalled for major safety problems. Here is the website: . So I guess it is a good thing we were not able to get that crib for Logan. I just wish there was something out there that was price comparable for a convertible crib!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

23 weeks & Happy Birthday Scott

1 day late!

I was not able to post yesterday b/c it was Scott's birthday and I was running around picking up cake, making one of his favorite dinners, etc. We had a good time. We had our annual Baskin Robbins Chocolate Ice Cream Cake for Scott's birthday. I got a big one so there would be some left, I don't think it will last long though. Scott really likes his cordless DeWalt tools Zach and I bought him, and he got one of those spring looking water hoses from his Grandma for our new house! I hope he had a great birthday!

We made it to 23 weeks yesterday! I had my OB appt. I met with the Nurse Practitioner and I realy like her. She spent an hour answering my questions about birth (which there are plenty of), and then we heard Landon's heart beat. It is really funny b/c he hates the doppler machine they use to listen to his heart. Usually he runs from it, but yesterday he was kicking it so hard you could see it from the outside.

We decided to try for the traditional delivery and then if he is big or something needs to be done then we will go for the C-Section then. I made them aware of my refusal for Pitocin (it is linked to the cause of Autism) and they agreed that unless it was totally necessary and I was no where near delivering at 2 weeks late they would break my water to "induce" labor instead of using Pitocin. I also told them that Forceps and the Vaccum are an absolute no with Scott and I as well. Besides the fact that they are grabbing their brain when their skull is soft, if they are used wrong or slip, etc the can cause Cerebral Palsy. It's amazing what you learn by reading and educating yourself (some of this I learned in my college classes b/c of my special ed training for speech). I feel alot better after talking to them. I am still really nervous about birth, but hopefully the classes we are going to will make me feel better.

We have our first walk through with the house this morning. We get to see everything before the dry wall goes up. I am excited.. I will post pics when I get home.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birth & Tailbones

Scott and I went to a Pregnancy Wellness class yesterday. It was included in the package with our Child Birth Education Classes (We have 5 total plus a hospital tour). It was pretty much stuff we already knew, but it was neat to hear about other people's experiences, etc. Wellt hey had a Physical Therapist come in and talk to us about stretches, posture, positions that are good for mo mnad baby and one's to avoid. It was very informative and interesting. I took advantage of her being there and talked to her about tailbone pain since I have started experiencing that again. I told her that I broke my tailbone when I was 12 in gymnastics, etc. She told me to get a referral from my OB to come and see her and she will massage my spine, etc and show me some things I can do to help it. After we talked to she told the class:

It is not un-common for your tailbone to fracture during delivery, especially if it has been previously fractured or injured.

The whole class stopped and went "WHAT?!?!?!" I was very surprised. Breaking my tailbone was bad enough the first time. So this is yet another item on list of reasons to talk to my OB about a C-Section on Thursday when I go and see him.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

22 weeks!

We are on the downhill side of pregnancy now. I am getting anxious to get into our house, get everything set up, and for Landon to get here. We have 18 weeks to go!

I am struggling with sleeping lately. Being a stomach sleeper I am having a really hard time adjusting to sleeping on my side. Scott bought me a body pillow which has helped b/c I can swing my leg over it, but I still cannot get comfortable. I literally lay in a position until I am so tired that I just happen to fall asleep there. Then I have to get up at 3X a night to pee and switch sides I am on (my sides get sore) and hope to fall back asleep eventually. It's an endless cycle. It is by far my only complaint currently. I really feel for insomniacs now.

We started Child Birth Classes last night. It was alot of fun, surprisingly. The class is very talkative which makes it that much more enjoyable. My favorite part of the night was when Scott compared the ligaments of the Uterus (when they stretch out) to a brown paper lunch sack. Everyone laughed, and he didn't realize h had said it out loud until we were laughing! It was also amusing to watch the instructor have the guys to the pelvic, back, and wall squat exercises with their wives. Scott got to try out the birthing ball too :o)

Here are some belly pics from this week. He is growing really fast now, the difference from 18-22 weeks is amazing. The pj pants I have on are Scott's and I can't even button them all the way up anymore and I have to roll up the bottoms so I don't trip. Guess it is time for me to get some new comfy pants.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I Heart My Sister.

So for those of you who do not know, my sister Amy and I are really close. In fact out of all of my family I am the closest to her. She has been there to help me through everything, and I mean everything. All of the crap with my mom over the years and her antics, giving me a place to live when I needed one, and on and on. And...She has done it again. Since Scott and I will be in Dallas in October to go to the fair (I am SOO excited!) and will not be able to make it home for the holidays this year b/c of recent events and Christmas is too close to my due date to be traveling, my sister is graciously throwing us a "couples" or men are invited too, baby shower!! It is so sweet of her, b/c I do not know anyone in Tucson we wouldn't be able to have a shower here. I have the bestest sister ever. As corny as it sounds I hope I can find a way to "pay" her back for everything she has done for me over the last 25 years.

Side Note: We start child birth classes tomorrow night, I am excited about it, but nervous about what I might learn. I know it's too late to turn back now, b ut not too late to scare the *@#*@ out of you for what you are about to go through.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

TX House is SOLD!!

Woohoo!!! All the paperwork and everything went through yesterday! What a relief :o) Our portion of the Escrow and the profits was funded to our account today!! Scott and I are both really excited. We loved that house, but now we can focus on our new house and not worry about the "what if we have to make 2 house payments" any more. It has alleviated ALOT of stress. We will maybe go out and celebrate (small) after payday. We just realized how much $$ we are going to have to spend on furniture and stuff for the new house, and on Landon so he can be comfortable when he arrives in a few months!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Today is our 1st Anniversary!! It is hard to believe it has already been a year. It has flown by and we had a blast. We are not doing anything super fancy this year. I will be making Scott one of his favorite meals, home made macaroni and cheese, and his mom bought us a cake!

Will we be eating the top layer of our wedding cake? The original one flew across the parking lot thanks to the bell hop at the hotel where we held our wedding, and the replacement one we recieved...yea we ate that in November. It was REALLY good. Scott and I both looked at each other and said "I want cake, but I don't want to go out." Then I said well we have the one in the freezer, and technically it's not the layer from the wedding so it would not be bad luck to eat it. So we did. Which is why my MIL was nice enough to get us one. Yummm.....Cake.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We have a name!!

We finally decided on a full name for our baby boy. It was actually a suggestion Zach made and both Scott and I liked it, so we decided to use it. So without further delay our baby boy's FULL name will be:

Landon Patrick!

We are excited. I like it b/c it is an Irish middle name (and I am obviosuly Irish), and Scott likes it b/c it flows well. Also, Patrick was one of the names Scott's parents thought about using for him so it has some sentimental value as well.

We are on our way out the door to go to Babies 'R' Us to look at boy baby things. Because I was so certain I was having a girl, I never paid attention to the boy stuff. In the words of Chris Collinsworth from the Olympics (when the u.s. men's relay team beat the french relay team after the french trashed talked the u.s.)...Oops.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We are having a Baby...


No doubt that he is definately a boy!

We had our Big U/S today. I was floored and I think Scott was too that we arehaving a boy. I was positive it was a girl, but I could not have been more wrong if I tried! We are really excited about it! He has all of his parts (see pictures), his heart looks great, his brain looks great, no neural tube defects, and no signs of Downs! He weighed 12 ounces (Big Boy). He was long and active, the tech had some trouble getting a few of the pictures on the first try b/c he kept moving around so much. He was also measuring a full week ahead so they might move our Due Date up a few days!

I am ready to go out and buy stuff and pick out definate things now that we know for sure!

His name will be Landon, but we do not have a middle name yet. I will update you when we pick one!

Landon's Profile Picture. You can see his nose, lips, ears, and part of a hand if you look closely.

This is a picture of Landon's face looking at you. It looks a bit like Halloween to me. You can see his eyes (the circle is the lense of the eye), one hand, the nostrils, and the opening to his mouth!

Monday, September 1, 2008

House Pictures

The view out of one of the Master Bedroom Windows. The cross bar is not staying.

The view out of our kitchen window.

Front view of the house from up the street. Please excuse the dumpsters, they are in our drive way.

Back view of the house from the open "field" behind us.

From the far Right side wall. You can't see the "wings" on the yard though.

Looking down the hallway downstairs. This goes to the 4th bedroom, laundry room, and garage

Me standing in the "Family Room" in front of the stair case

We have a foundation, Framing, Wall Boards and HVAC all installed. We miss 1 WEEK going out there b/c we were busy and had alot going on, and this is what we show up too! The time before that we had gone out ot he house they just had the re-barb down, so we were only expecting a foundation. Man were we suprised when we showed up! Scott andI were so excited that we took about 150 pictures of the house! I won't bore you with all of them, here are the favorites ;o)