Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Gym

We have been going to Little Gym since November and Landon absolutely loves it. I love it to because it gets us out of the hosue for awhile, as well as giving him social interactions with other kids his age. Since he is not in day care, I feel much better that he is able to interact and play with kids his age. So here are some pictures from our Little Gym class!

Landon's Favorite Thing at Little Gym is the parachute. He knows where they keep it and always try to coerce them into getting it out...sometimes it works!

Playing with the balls is so much fun. Landon enjoys picking them up and then throwing them or kicking them!

Practicing our bar skills!

Walking on the beam with Mr. Dave.

The bars have become our favorite place recently.

Taking a breather inside the donut mat.

Playing with Mr. Dave on the big red mat!

Bubbles are the best way to end our class!


  1. That sounds like fun. I really want to get Emma Kate into something like this...we haven't tried anything so far though. Especially since I work all week :(