Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amnio Results!

We finally got the amnio results for Emeline on Landon's Disorder (VLCADD). Emeline is only a carrier for the unknown "variant" for the disorder. Which means, that there is no way she possibly has the disorder!! We are so relieved and excited. I am very interested in talking to the geneticist about it at Landon's next appt on the 7th to see what they have to say about it all. We do know it is a variant of the disorder that no one has ever seen before, and they are very interested in it. The theory is that this unknown "variant" is why Landon does not present as or have the classic symptoms and issues as other children with the disorder.

I am most looking forward to not having to repeat the every 3 hour feedings until 6 months that we had to do with Landon, and this baby can be exclusively breast fed since she won't have to have any of the Rx formula's that Landon did...our wallets let out a huge sigh of relief!!!

On a ntoher note: Landon is doing wonderfully. He had pictures taken at Little Gym (see below). They are copywrited by Dodson Photography so please don't copy them. He's a bundle of energy and a ton of fun. He says lots and lots of words now like: mama, dada, hi dach (zach), boomer, yuck yuck, uh oh, tank ooh, bess ooh, hello, bye, uh huh, yes, yea, ma, tons of animal noises and their names" and many others. He also shakes his head no when he doesn't want something, and can jump and get off of the ground! It's crazy to see him change so much week by week!

Playing on the Parallel Bars is fun!


  1. Yeah :) Interested in finding out what the variant is all about :) I love the pic :)

  2. Such great news! (Ummm...gorgeous blog! Hello! I love it.)