Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, Hai!!!

Wow, it's been awhile. I don't even know where to start. There's a lot going on in our lives right now (that I will get to later, at a different time). We have been super busy. We are back in AZ and have been since 4/25, and I'll just leave it at that. We really, really miss our Dallas family and pray that we will be able to go visit them soon. They have been great and coming to visit us as much as possible until we are able to get back for a visit. I wanted to make a list of things I love and am thankful for (thanks Andrea for the idea), as well as leaving some updated pics of the kids!

20 things I love and are thankful for:

1) Without a doubt, my kids are number 1. They keep me going, make me laugh, and make life worth living. Love You Landon and E!!

2) My family. More specifically my mom, aunt, cousin, and dad. They have been my rock in the a before mentioned life issues.

3) My friends. More specifically Holly Day, Liz, Amanda, Melody, and my mommy friends!

4) Coffee, more specifically Folgers Vanilla Biscotti Coffee in my Keurig (thanks mom!) Most days, this is my sanity and the 'me time' I can get for a second!

5) My neighbors, y'all completely rock. Thanks for being so awesome, welcoming us back and helping so much. Especially Nicole, Carey, and Sophie!!

6) Cooking with the kids! We have a blast. It's a stress reliever, and Landon LOVES to be my tester. We have tried many, many things. 

7) Owls for E! Thanks to my friend Amanda I have fallen completely in Love with Owls on her, for her, and in her room. Her 1st Birthday Theme has already been decided to be Owls as well!!

8) Lollipops, or Hollipops as Landon calls them. I can bribe him to do just about anything with them!

9) Elmo, Sesame Street, & Barney! These 3 allow me to get my house work done!!

10) E's growls! She growls a lot, and without fail it always makes me laugh!

11) My FOD moms & Friends. Especially Debbie & Leslie, <3 y'all!

12) Breakfast Tacos & French Toast...the only thing I can convince Landon to eat for breakfast right now. They are super yummy, and I pack them with things that are good for him and he doesn't even know it!

13) Dr.Pepper, my Texas roots coming in here!

14) My cousin and her kids, they give me much needed comical relief daily!

15) TX BBQ, the stuff they have here sucks, bad. I miss my Tx bbq and nothing compares to it.

16) The innocence of my kids. They are so funny, and have such a simple view on life. I think all of us could use that more.

17) My Dec moms, don't know what I would do without you girls, you keep me entertained, give me advise, and make me laugh..thanks! And your LO's are super, super cute!!

18) Modern Family, HGTV, Castle, and Body of Proof...hillarious and make me think, and are a great escape from reality for a bit.

19) Peach Bellini's (when not nursing), yumm.

20) Starbucks. On the rare occasion I get to go get one, it's nice and super yummy!

Pics of the Kids:

There is nothing sweeter than this picture...including the fact that he swiped her paci!

My little book worm!

Oh, how the time flies! How can she be this big already?!?

Hey punk, give me my paci back!

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