Monday, February 27, 2012

Trip to a new park

Yep, I am horrible at keeping this up to date bad. In my defense life has been  ball of stress, busy-ness, and a lot of fun and soaking in the kids. We decided to venture out to a new park the other day, it's not far from a shopping center we frequent and the kids LOVED it. There was an amazing slide, climbing structure, bridges, etc. There was also a little walk through 'safari park.' They had bronze statues of safari animals as well as some others (pigs, turtle, etc). The kids thought they were so much fun, they practically begged me to take their pictures on them! We will definitely be going back soon to play.

I hope to be able to blog more from here forward...and possibly pull myself away from Pinterest ;-)

E sitting on the on the turtle, you can't tell but she is saying 'cheese'

Landon riding the pig at the safari park, not sure why they had a pig in a safari park but hey it works!

Riding the Elephant! He was singing the 'elephant' song the whole time

E loves to swing, it is her favorite thing to do at the park!

Riding on the turtle, she was such a ham.

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