Wednesday, May 2, 2012

AZ Mito walk

Some amazing friends of ours have put together a walk in Peoria, AZ to help raise awareness and help children with Mitochondrial Disease! Of course, we are doing everything we can to make the walk a success and to help spread the word about it. Please go check out the page, and walk in spirit if you can. I will making a Team for Landon, but not sure if we will walk or not quite depends on how some things play out in the near future. Regardless we will 'walk in spirit' like we did with the last walk, and help raise awareness and fund to aid in the research of mito and to hopefully find a cure to help kids like Landon.

Here is the website, please take a minute to go look at it. See if you can find Landon!

 AZ Mito Walk

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