Monday, July 16, 2012

FOD Spotlight in USA Today!

This past weekend, FOD's were given a spotlight sectioning the USA Today's charity banner! FOD's, or Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorder, are under the Mito umbrella and is specifically the type of Mito that Landon has. Little is still known about FOD's and Mito in general, as each person presents differently. The expanded newborn screen has allowed children like Landon to be identified at birth, and has saved numerous lives including his. Had Landon not been caught on the nbs, he probably would had died when he was 10 months old and went into a metabolic crisis from a simple stomach bug.

Even though Landon is considered "mild" by medical terminology and diagnosis wise, this disease is in no means mild in the way it presents and effects these kids and adults that are affected by it. We have lost way to many friends to Mito, even ones that were 'mild.' It's heart breaking to have to try and explain to your 3 year old that they can't see their Mito friends anymore because God needed to play with them now.

 The banner brings awareness to so many more people throughout the U.S. and hopefully will help us spread the word about this disease and expanded newborn screening. Please if you get a minute share the pictures and help us spread the word.

The colored banner that was displayed in USA Today, one of our fellow FOD families dad made this, his daughter has MCAD.

This is the banner that was inside the paper under the Charity Spotlight!

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