Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Accomplishments

Landon has has a lot of new accomplishments in the developmental world since we last blogged! So I will list them out so it's easier to read!

  • Landon is now crawling very fast and is all over the place
  • He loves to pull up on everything!
  • He has figured outt aht he can use your pant legs to pull himself up and be standing while holding on to them, just like you!
  • He is starting to stand only holding on with 1 arm
  • He will occasionally let go with both hands for a few minutes.
  • He has learned to click his tongue! He will even click it back at you if you click yours.
  • He can make semi-raspberry noises. They aren't very loud, and it takes a few tries, but he can definately do it.
  • He is in to everything. He loves to explore and see everything.
  • He is very alert and very clever when it comes to getting to or getting what he wants from everyone.
  • He is really babbling now. He says: "bababa, gagaga, dadadada, mamama,"
  • He loves to blow bubbles with his mouth.

I cannot believe my little guy has learned so much and is so active and happy all of the time. He is constantly changing and learning new things so fast!

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