Wednesday, August 19, 2009

7 Months Old!

Landon is 7 months old today...and do you know what that means? We can now sleep for 7 hours straight at night between feedings, woohoo! He is doing so well and I cannot believe he will be 1 in 5 months...someone please help me figure out how to slow down the time!

What Landon is doing:

  • Crawling on all 4's!
  • Pulling himself up and standing while holding on to the couch or something sturdy
  • Starting to eat finger foods. Such as the Gerber Stars, Yogurt melts, and the baby cheetos!
  • He eats 3 meals a day of baby food and loves everything, but one thing he has tried!
  • He has 1 tooth that is almost fully in and the 2nd bottom tooth is well on it's way.
  • He still nurses 1 feeding a day
  • Reaches out to go to have someone hold him. He does this now if say Scott is holding him and he wants me to h old him he reaches out and leans in my direction...super cute!
  • Not a big fan of strangers unless one of us is holding him and then he will flirt.
  • Loves to chase the dogs around!
  • Loves to play with shoes.
  • Can hold his bottle all by himself.
  • He goes "uh, uh, uh" while bouncing up and down if you have a bottle or food and he wants it.
  • We are working on baby signs such as "more", "milk", and we may add a few more here shortly.
  • He loves to play on the floor, with all of his toys and even goes for the dog toys so we have to be careful!
  • He loves to pull things off of the counter or book shelf if he can reach them!
  • We are working on going to sleep and self soothing. It's really hard for me b/c I love cuddling him until he falls asleep, but I can't be doing that when he is 10! It's a slow process, but we will get there eventually.

I will post a picture of him tomorrow. I do not have our regular camera handy so I am having to take pictures with our new video camera, and I haven't loaded the software onto my new computer yet. I promise to get to it tomorrow. i need to take his 7 month picture tonight too!

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