Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1st Haircut!

Getting Ready to start. He sat on my lap so they covered me in a cape as well. You can see how curious he was as to what was about to happen.

Landon with his cape on...just before we got started. He was starting to get a little unsure about the whole thing, and what exactly it was that we were doing.

He was not a fan of getting his hair cut. He fussed and cried through the whole thing, poor guy. I think a lot of it though was because of the sounds of the scissors snipping. He was fine until she actually started cutting his hair. The other part I think was that I had to help hold his arms down since he was swiping at her scissors when she was cutting...this I think reminded him of being held down for his blood draws and also when he had his IV in the hospital.

After he had calmed down and was sitting in the car. His hair is not that short, we swept it off to the side to see how it looked! They did trim his bangs, around the back of his neck, and around his ears. It was really long in those places, and we wanted his hair to be nice and even for his upcoming 1st Birthday photo shoot!

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