Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amazing Friends

The kids and I have these truly amazing, generous, adorable, sweet, and kick butt friends. Yea, they rock that much. They live almost across the street from us (a few houses down, well we live in the apex of the loop so no one is really across from us directly). I'll call them by their initials L&N to keep their anonymity. Their son J has a genetic disorder, not anything like Landon, and he is truly amazing as well. They are such a blast and have really been a rock for the kids and I since we have had to return to Arizona. N has been a life saver in keeping the kids for me when I have to go places where they can't tag along, or like last week when I had to rush Landon to the ER for a virus and disorder related issues she took E without hesitation for me. N is also the best cook. Seriously. I wish I could effortlessly cook all the amazing things that she does. We usually have dinner with them once a week and we share in the cooking. It really is a blast. It usually works out to be Saturday nights when it's just me and E and I am missing Landon so, so much. They help keep me occupied (well other than E, she's cute and very fun), and my mind off missing him as much as possible. So I just wanted to share our appreciation of how wonderful they are, and what great christian friends they are. They truly are a blessing in my life. I call N my AZ Holly Day, and that is a HUGE deal. We Love Y'all and thanks for being such amazing people!

Here are a few pics from E playing with J on Saturday!

Having a blast 'riding' the Lion in J's room!

E the lion tamer!! She was so proud that she could sit up there all by herself.

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  1. Ahhh, the lion pics are adorable! Hurray for good food and good times. Love ya too!