Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Arizona Mito Walk 2012

I've procrastinated a bit on writing this post, but alas I am sitting myself down to write it.

We participated in the "Arizona Mito Walk 2012" in December, and I must say we had a wonderful time. It was chilly and poured rain, but that was not going to stop us (though keeping the kids out of the mud....mostly, was a challenge). The most amazing group of women put the walk on in Peoria, AZ. These women have become some of my closest friends and have definitely helped me through and endless supply of love, patience, understanding, and support. Of course they are all moms of Mito kids (and the dads helped too)! They had a slide show of all our Mito kids up on the scoreboard big screen, put together and timed to music and what not. I do believe it really drove the point home about how Mito affects these kids, as well as their families.

E was helping 'carry' ice to pour over the drinks that were so nicely donated to the walk. 

We did a lap around the Spring Training facility at the Peoria Sports Complex. The kids had a blast playing with their friends and participating in all the activities that were set up. There was a silent auction to raise money, and we were able to get E a super cute bow that says 'Hope for my brother' with a Mito Green and White ribbon. It's a little big for her right now, but I'm confident she'll be able to wear it soon.

Our Team 'Landon's Mito Warriors.' We had a lot of friends and family walking in spirit even though they weren't able to make the trip. 

We decided to make a 'weekend' trip out of the walk since it was 2 hours from home. After the walk, we retired to the hotel to dry off, warm up, and then we went out to dinner with some amazing friends of ours. They have a daughter that the kids love to play with and they wore each other out.

The following morning, we made a quick stop at Rudy's in Chandler for Brisket Breakfast Tacos and then headed home. Thanks to all who put on the walk, we look forward to participating again next year! 

Landon's favorite part was getting to play with my umbrella. 

E loved having G there with us, the photographer chased these two around trying to get a picture of them. 

Me and my Mito Warrior. His shirt says, 'Landon, Mito Warrior.' He looks like the stay-puffed marshmallow man b/c he's in layers of warm clothes, a water proof coat, and his walk shirt over it. 
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