Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Innocent Heart Murmur

Landon had a Cardiologist Appointment this afternoon, because at his Geneticist check up in December they discovered that he had developed a small Systolic Heart Murmur. It raised a few flags, because he had not had one in the past but also because he has been classified as Non-Cardiac VLCADD. Geneticists decided that he needed to be seen annually by the Cardiologist for preventative measures. Landon had been in March of 2012 and nothing was detected then.

Landon did very well today, the only thing he was a bit unsure of was the scale to be weighed. He's been this way about scales recently, and the only thing I can think of is that he knows the scale is the 'gateway' per say to possible pokes and medical procedures. He's always weighed at the Pediatricians office where they give him shots and check his blood sugars when he sick. He's always weighed at the Geneticists office where they make me hold him down so they can draw blood (I hate that they make me do that, and always have), and he always gets weighed at the hospital when he's admitted where he gets poked for blood sugars several times a day, IV's, etc etc. After thinking about it, I can't blame the kid for not liking the scale.

They took his vitals, and then Dr. Blair (whom Landon just loves) came in and listened to his heart. We were in a room decked out with a Spider Man Theme, which happened to match Landon's shoes and he thought that was incredibly cool. Landon then had an EKG and and Echo Cardiogram. He sat perfectly still and watched Finding Nemo on the tv the whole time. The only thing he was concerned about was if we had passed the part in Finding Nemo with the sharks or compared to last year where he was freaking out about all of the wires, the ultrasound gel, the ultrasound wand, and anything and everything that was going on. I think his favorite part was getting a lollipop after he was done with the EKG and Echo, he even remember to thank the Ultrasound tech (it is getting through!).

Dr. Blair came back and said that everything looked good. He had an innocent murmur, that was not there last year, but it was not effecting the strength of his heart or him. Most kids should outgrow the murmur by their 20's, but we do want to keep an eye on it with his disease. He is to come back in a year an be re-checked, and it will continue annually until he and the Geneticist decide otherwise. Very relieved for the clean bill on his heart.

Landon getting his EKG and Echo Cardiogram. He requested a picture to 'show his friends how brave I am mommy.'

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