Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

I took the kids to a community Easter Egg Hunt this morning, they really loved the whole experience. E at first wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but when a kid starting picking up the eggs around her she jumped in the way and claimed 'mine' and started hoarding them as quickly as she could. Luckily each kid was limited to 10 eggs, that way everyone was sure to get a few.

E dove right into her basket, we had to give the Eggs back so it was fun to open them and see what was inside. E tried several times to help everyone else open their as well. That, as you can imagine, did not go over to well. Although, she did not try to whop anyone with her Easter Basket, so I would call it all a success. 

She was very possessive of her Easter Basket, anyone that looked at it was told 'no, mine.' So, a big thank you to Grandma for the very well liked Easter baskets for the shorties. 

Landon was so quick when they told him to go (he was in a different age group than E for his Egg Hunt), that I wasn't able to get a picture of him hunting eggs. He was able to get a lot of neat ones that had dinosaurs and everything else in them. 

After the Egg Hunt, we stuck around for a craft fair they had going on as well. The kids enjoyed looking at all of the neat things the vendors had out. The Easter Bunny was also there, so the kids had their picture taken with him. I was shocked they actually were not scared of him at all, Santa at Christmas was a completely different story.

We had a fabulous morning, so thanks to everyone who put on the event, the kids and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. I was especially thankful that we were able to go, since earlier in the week Landon was in the ER for several hours for observation and fluids and some Zofran for a few vomiting episodes. That always sends a chill up our backs around here, and reminds us how lucky we are, and how much he means to us. 

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