Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting Ready to Crawl

Landon has started getting up on his knees while he is on his tummy! I am getting really excited. Yesterday while playing on the floor he pushed up on his knees and was also pushed up on his arms! He is getting so strong and is practicing how to crawl. He just needs to put all of the pieces together, and he will get it and just take off crawling here soon. Scott, myself, and Carol our Doulah all think that he will be crawling around 7 months! My sweet baby boy is growing up and getting big way to fast.

We are still working on sitting up. He can sit up for between 10-30 seconds before having to have help. We are working on it and hopefully he will be sitting up soon. Especially since Landon has know out grown his infant car seat and we are now in a convertible car seat!

In other news we are going on a family vacation this year! We are headed to San Diego in July and I am super excited about it. We will be going to the zoo, and coincidentally it will be Landon's first trip to the zoo! We are also going to go on a harbor tour, and probably a few other things to be decided later.

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