Monday, July 13, 2009

San Diego

We went on Vacation to San Diego over the weekend! We had a blast and really enjoyed ourselves. We went to the Zoo, The beach, The USS Midway, and a few other places around town. Here are a few pictures. Sorry there are quite a few I just couldn't decided which ones to show you. We decided on the drive home that we want to go back soon and hit the spots we missed! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend.

Zach, Landon, and I eating dinner on the bay!

Look Zach can fit in a torpedo tube! This was taken on a Russian Submarine that they had set up as a museum. Only Scott and Zach went in this submarine, the American one was tight enough for me.

Scott and Landon taking a break in the shade from touring the USS Midway.

Landon and I in one of the door ways on the USS Midway. It was alot of fun to tour the Aircraft Carrier, it was huge especially when carrying a 17 lb baby on your front :o)

Scott, Zach, Landon, and I sitting at RT's Longboard Grill on Pacific Beach. We came here to get t-shirts b/c as most of you know we are HUGE Deadliest Catch fans, and this is where they filled this year's "After the Catch."

Zach at the beach for the first time!

Landon in the Ocean for the first time! The water was 69 degrees so this was as far in as we went.

Zach "driving" the submarine.

Scott, Zach, Me, and a sleeping Landon at the San Diego Zoo. Do you see the Panda bear in the background?

Scott and Zach petting a giraffe, with Tristen our guide. We went on a behind the scenes tour and got to pet and get up close with lots of different was a blast.

Zach feeding the Giraffe, Silver. It doesn't look like it, but they tug hard when they take leaves off of the branch!

Landon and I taking a break at the San Diego Zoo. He was being super cuddly :o)

Landon, Zach, and I at the San Diego Zoo! Landon wasn't so fond of the hat, though it kept falling into his eyes.

Mommy and Baby Koala.

Panda Bear. I have now seen Panda Bears in both locations in the U.S. San Diego and the National Zoo in D.C. The boys saw their first Panda's here in San Diego!

Mommy and Baby Gorilla! The baby is sleeping in Landon's favorite sleeping position!

Landon playing on the Gorilla statue! See how well he is sitting up now!

Zach, Landon, and I in front of the USS Midway.

The view from our hotel balcony!

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