Monday, July 20, 2009

6 months pics!

Landon turned 6 months old on Sunday and we had pictures taken. He took some adorable pictures, and my friend Holly and her baby Jenna came with us, and we had a blast! Landon is now eating solid foods and Loves Bananas, Apples, Squash, and many other things he has tried. We love trying new things and seeing how he reacts to them.

Landon, Me, Holly, and Jenna! Holly was my college room mate and Jenna is about 6 weeks older than Landon!
Landon and Jenna! They had so much fun grabbing at each other and playing with each other.
Landon and Mommy!
Landon in his Payne Stewart outfit. I love his smile.
My super cute little boy, I love his outfit!


  1. That last one...doesnt even look like a real baby...too perfect...LOL. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!