Thursday, August 13, 2009

Couch Surfer

Well our little man is just punding out those milestones and REALLY early too! The day AFTER he started Monday...I was sitting on the couch while Landon was playing on the floor and the little guy crawls over to the couch and then uses the blanket that's hanging on the couch to pull himself up. So I look down to see him staring over the couch at me like "look what I can do mom! Isn't this cool?" It was amazing, so now he is always pulling himself up on the couch. He tried to do it on the fireplace the other day, but will the foam padding we put on it he can't get enough of a grip to pull up. The other day he pulled up on the couch and then bit me on the toe! So yes that tooth is still coming through, and man is it sharp..that love bite hurt.

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