Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chatter Box

We now have a chatterbox on our hands! Landon said his first word yesterday. He crawled up to me and pulled up and looked right at me and said "mama" on several different occasions through out the day! I am so glad that he has started talking, and I must say I am biased and super excited he said "mama" first. Scott and I cannot wait to see what words are to come next. Logically and developmentally wise it will more than likely be "dada" followed by "baba" which is what we call his bottle, so he will be able to easily say it when the time comes.

Landon is also signing a lot more now. He signs, more, milk, and all done. We are well on our way to great communication. Having a mommy with a degree in Speech Pathology doesn't hurt him either, ha ha.

We also had our first run in with Poison Control yesterday. I about had a heart attack when I found him witha bottle of white out, and it was all around his mouth, on his hands, feet, the dog, and the tile floor. I called Poison Control and luckily they said that babies usually tolerate white out very well, and he didn't ingest a whole lot of it since most of the bottle was still full. We had to watch him closely over night because they said it cold cause stomach aches, breathing difficulties, and vomiting (super dangerous for Landon w/ his disorder). Luckily he had none of this, but he definately gave his Mommy a major panic for a few minutes. We have to make sure to keep Zach's door shut from now on, because that is where he found the white out. We are looking to have a bit of a calmer rest of the week.

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