Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a great Halloween at our house, and we hope that everyone else did too. We went down to the pumpkin patch in Wilcox, AZ. We went on a hayride out to the spot where we could pick our pumpkins! Landon enjoyed riding in the wheel barrow thing that you could use to cart your pumpkins that you picked back to the hayride. We picked out 2 pumpkins to replace the ones we had carved for our fall decorations we will keep up through Thanksgiving (pictures to come). We had a great time, and since we went later in the season, it wasn't very crowded at all!

When we got home we went down to our neighbors house, where they had a potluck dinner for our cul-de-sac. Landon was dressed up in his tigger costume, and had a ball as did the rest of us. We hung out there until we took Landon trick-or-treating. For only going to a the houses on our street, he made out like a bandit! We decided not to go to the 3rd Halloween party we were invited too. Landon was tired and a little fussy, his top teeth are just about to break through hus gums too..poor guy, so we hung out at home and handed out candy. You will never believe what we found when we got home. We had left a bowl of candy out since we were not home to pass it out. Well someone took the entire bowl...fine, that's the risk you run when you leave it out like that. But, they took our BOWL with them...really who takes the bowl? It was in our front yard this morning, so they either threw it in the neighbors yard, or their parents made them bring it back. Who knows, but I am certainly glad to have my mixing bowl back.

I will leave you with some pictures from our weekend!

Landon's professional picture in his "Baby's 1st Halloween" Outift.

Landon's professional Picture in his Tigger Costume. He was so happy to be Tigger.

Landon & Mommy on the hayride out to the pumpkins.

Landon & Mommy in the Pumpkin Patch!

Landon & Daddy in the pumpkin patch.

Landon playing "George Washington" in the wheel barrow with Zach.

Landon & Mommy heading out to trick-or-treat.

Tigger and his trick-or-treating ride.

Landon's Loot.

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