Monday, January 18, 2010

1st Birthday Party!

We had Landon's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday and we had a great time! We had so many friends and family over...there were 8 kids including Landon, and 10 adults including Scott and I! I can't wait for his birthday tomorrow, we are going to take him out to dinner and let him do whatever he wants to do tomorrow!

The shirt I had made for him from Etsy Seller Goldenshop, it came with a hat and bib too...I love how it came out.

Here is a good shot of his hat and bib that go along with his shirt, and his high chair decorations!

Landon's Birthday cake!

Shoveling the cake in as quick as he could! He takes after his mommy and loves boy.

Opening presents!

Didn't we just have Christmas?

He got a swing and slide from Scott and I! He loves to play on it, but keeps trying to go up the slide instead of the ladder, ha ha.

Janel and Simon hanging out and having fun!

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