Wednesday, September 14, 2011

World's Best Brother

I recently got Landon a shirt that says this from Target (see picture below). It really does sum him up. He is so funny when it comes to him and E. When we are out and about running errands and what not, if someone comes up to Emeline he tells them "don't touch my sister." Most of them laugh and say, 'oh, how cute" and talk to him for a minute. Inevitably they turn back to E and again he repeats, "don't touch my sister." I always laugh and say he's very protective of her, and he truly is. Recently in August when he spent a day in the hospital ER for a small stomach bug, he repeatedly asked me, "mommy where's Emma, I miss her." He ran up to her as soon as we got back (she was at the neighbors, thanks Nicole!) and gave her a quiet kiss and hug b/c she was asleep. Even on his worst Mito days, he worries about her and wants to be near her. He is the only one that can really make her belly laugh, and the way she does it is reserved solely for playing with him. After everything this kiddo goes through he loves his sister so much. I know this sappy, but I had to brag on him for a bit. He goes through so much more than a normal child with meds, doctor visits, blood draws, simple stomach bugs and illnesses that other kids can fight at home he has to go be monitored or admitted, and he still has a heart of gold!

On a seperate note, I am looking into getting Landon a medical alert bracelet. Any suggestions?? I would need one that can with stand a 2.5 year old boy, but can also allow me to put all the information I would need to in order to make sure Landon gets the care he needs if for some reason I was not there with him (this is a huge worry/stresser for me).

As you can see, cooperation was not in order when it came to taking a picture in his shirt!

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