Sunday, January 20, 2013

4 years old!

Landon turned 4 years old yesterday, I swear time is flying quicker the older he gets. Due to how visitation schedules fell this year, I had Landon for a few hours on his birthday, and did we have a lot of fun! He was able to pick everything that he wanted to do in the time that we had. This is a tradition in my family, that the person whose birthday it is, gets to pick the activities for the day. To me, it makes it extra special because it's everything the birthday person wants to do, which normally in every day life just isn't plausible. Landon chose to have dinner a 'Guys Five' (Five Guys), then he wanted to go bowling, and end our time with 'Cold' (Frost, it's a Gelato shop and within his diet restrictions!).

Landon loves, loves, loves 'Guys Five.' He's always asking me to go there, and we do frequent the place on a regular basis. I love that they have Kosher Hot Dogs and make their fries from scratch after you order them. He basically inhaled that, and then we headed to bowl. At first, I got him one of those little ramps and when he went up to bowl he goes, 'mommy I do NOT need this, I can roll the ball down with just a little help.' He was very insistent so after appeasing me and using the ramp about twice, he pushed it out of the way saying it was for Emeline when she came with us.

I managed to get a picture in the 2 seconds the ramp lasted with him. It was pushed aside just after this in lieu of 'big boy' bowling. 

We bowled 2 games, and Landon beat me and G in the last game, and G beat Landon and I in the first game. Landon bowled his first strike! He was so excited, jumping up and down saying 'woohoo I got my first strike mommy' and hugging and high fiving me and G over and over again. He loved bowling, he would give you a big huh, high five you, and jump up and down all excited no matter how many pins he did or did not knock down. It was great having so much fun with him and I know he reveled in the one on one time.

Landon and G with his strike ball! He was so excited as you can see!

The 'Little Help' that he needed rolling the ball!

To end our evening we went to 'Cold,' which is actually Frost gelato shop. Landon is constantly asking to go here, so it was only fitting he chose it for his birthday 'dessert.' He always gets the bubble gum gelato with 2 blue bubble gum balls, what can I say he's definitely a creature of habit...and male! This gelato only has around 100 calories, as well as being virtually fat free so it works with his diet and is a big treat for him as well. It's nice to have found something he can have and he really enjoys that won't blow his diet or effect him in any way.

I think my favorite part of the night was when I told him, "Happy Birthday Bub, I Love You.' To which he responded, 'thanks mom, I had the best birthday ever. Love you.' Melted my heart, and I was so glad he enjoyed himself and his birthday.

Landon and I being goofy while waiting for our turns to bowl

Landon's Favorite Things at Age 4:
Cheese Sandwhiches
Cheese Quesadillas
Hot Dogs
Those cutie clementines
Fruit Snacks
'Cold' Bubble Gum Gelato
Super Hero's, more specifically Batman, Iron Man, and Super Man
Texas Rangers Baseball
Monster Trucks
Texas, his bear

Landon told me when he grows up, he wants to be a Super Hero (said in an excited little boy voice while jumping).

My sweet, brave, amazing, silly, incredibly smart 4 year old! I love you Landon, you've been such an amazing addition to our lives and brought so much love and strength with you. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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