Sunday, June 22, 2008

2 days Exactly

Until I get to see Scott again!!! I am so excited to get to see him again!!! I cannot wait until Tuesday at 8:05 (when his plane lands).

In other exciting news...we have an offer on our house!!! I am really excited. We countered asking for a little more, but if not we will definately accept the original offer. I am so excited that everything is finally falling into place. We leave for AZ this week. I will probably leave Friday afternoon. I will not be making the drive all in one day, like Scott plans to do. I just can't wait to finally get there and have all of this stuff behind us and for everyone to be back together again. Boomer really misses the big dogs and I know he will be excited to be reunited with them too!!

Not much else going on. I am back to having some nausea. It's mainly b/c I have NO desire to eat, and when I go longer than a few hours w/o eating I get nauseas. But, NOTHING sounds good to eat. I ate breadsticks with marinara for dinner w/ grape juice. That's how bad the food aversions are. I also get nauseas at night, but that's do-able b/c I am at home and I can lay down and study or watch t.v. with Boomer.

I will finish my speech hours tomorrow. I am really going to miss Megan, Katie, and the kids. But definately plan on keeping in touch. I cannot express my gratitude to Megan and IPT for helping me get my hours. Without them I would have not been able to get paid for my first two months working, and that would have been hard. Thanks guys you ROCK!!!

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