Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Day w/ My Sister

I am really excited to spend the afternoon with my sister today, but I am also kind of sad about it. This is my "good-bye day" with my sister. She will be working all next week and this will be the last time I see her before moving to Arizona. My sister and I are really close, and I can't even begin to count how many times she has "rescued" me, helped me, etc. She is the one person in my crazy family that I know I can always rely on to be there if I need her. I think it will be hard to be so far away, but I know that we can always visit each other.

The closer we get to leaving for Arizona the more nervous I get about it. I'm not nervous about moving away with Scott or anything like that. I am nervous b/c I only know his family out there. I have none of my family or really good friends out there, and what if something happens and I need them? I know I have Scott and his family and that I can make friends, it's just different. I guess call me sentimental, but I really like having my family and friends close by. I know I will get over it, it's just my current train of thought. June 27th seemed so far away and now it's next Friday. I am REALLY glad to get to see Scott again, I just kind of hoped to have more time in Dallas.


  1. Friends are always just a phone call away :)

    Just call!

  2. You'll be fine! And those that love you are never truely far away. *muah*