Monday, June 23, 2008

Last Day

Today was my last day for a few things. Some I'm excited about and others I am not so excited about.

First off today is my last FULL day w/o Scott! I am soo excited to finally get to see him tomorrow after 7 weeks being apart!

Second today was my last day at IPT. I am sad about it. I grew to love the kids that we saw in therapy, I really loved working with and getting to know Megan, and I promise to keep in touch and send pictures! She gave me one of the Willow Tree Angel figurines. I LOVE Willow Tree and I am soo excited about it. I showed it off to everyone that came to my house tonight (which was about 10 between realtors, friends, etc!). Thanks Megan, you rock!

Third today was my last day to see Kristin. She was my Maid-of-Honor in my wedding and has been my bestest Dallas and Nacogdoches friend for over 5 years. I am really going to miss her. She leaves for California tomorrow, like the punk she is!

And finally today was my last time to eat at Fireside Pies. Sounds lame I know, but I have grown to love this pizza place in Plano. Scott and Garry and I have eaten there often and they just have rockin' pizza. Luckily I have left overs for lunch tomorrow :o)

We found out today that Scott has a degenerative disk in his back. He didn't throw it out like we first thought, but this diagnosis doesnt go away as easily either. Apparently one of the disks between his vertabrae has lost some of the spinal fluid in it causing him to be in pain. The doctor said that helping move and everything that he can't do anything to hurt it, but it will cause him lots of pain. He didn't give him anything for the pain though, odd. He can go to treatments and therapy to help it (he will be going, he just doesnt realize it yet! If I have the joy of birthing a baby you can go to back therapy!).

We signed all the paper work for the counter offer so here's to hoping they accept it. It's a good deal for all parties so I am confident it will work out.

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  1. Wishing you a fantastic move and speedy recovery for Scott!