Monday, June 30, 2008

Whew! We made it!

Sorry it has been so long between posts. We have been SUPER busy over the last week and it has finally died down a little bit! I have quite a few things to update!

1. We made it to Arizona!! Without either of us getting a traffic ticket!! We both arrived on Saturday and are slowly settling in. The time change is what's getting me the most, but hopefully I will adapt soon enough.

2. The lady accepted the counter offer for the house!! The inspection yielded nothing major (thank god!), and the option period for her to back out is over at Midnight Wednesday.

3. I got to see the plot and the new house here in Az! It is HUGE!!! I am so excited b/c I get to buy lots of furniture and decorations and fun stuff like that!! Scott says I have to buy baby furniture first though.

4. My morning Sickness is back. I am not throwing up, but I have been feeling pretty miserable the last few days. I think it's b/c I went back to taking the vitamins from before b/c they were all I could find in my suit case until recently when I found all of the others. I wil definately be switching back tonight.

5. My appt w/ the new OB in AZ today didn't happen. I got there and apparently whom ever I made the appt with failed to tell me that they don't accept our insurance when I told her what it was. Ugh. They did however refer me to someone down the road that they really like and who does accept our insurance. I have an appt with them on Wednesday and Scott will be able to go :o) He will get to see Baby for the first time!! I am really excited.

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