Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doing the Two Step!

Landon took his first 2 steps tonight!! We were at his Great-Grandma's house after having his Halloween pictures taken professionally. He was playing and playing like normal, reaching from the coffee table to the couch, etc. Well I had Scott move the coffee table back a little bit to try and encourage him to maybe think about taking some steps...well about 30 minutes later, he lets go of the coffee table (he's been free standing for a few weeks now), and is free standing for about a minute. Well, then he looks at me and takes 2 steps to reach me!!! It was so neat to watch, and extra special because he had 5 people watching him! His Grandma (Scott's mom), Great-Grandma, Brother (Zach), Scott and I were all watching him, it was quite possibly the neatest thing I have seen :o) The cutest part I think of though was after he took the steps we were all saying "yay!!" and he started clapping and was so proud of himself! It won't be long before we are running after him :o)

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