Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks Grandma!

My mom came to visit us here in Arizona, and while she was here she taught landon how to stick his tongue out (kinda) and spit. So what is Landon's new favorite thing to do...yeup that's right, spit, it's really cute until he does it in your face, or in when you are riding the bus at the Grand Canyon and he is spitting at everyone around you. Thankfully they all thought it was cute too.

Other than spitting we are doing well. We tried a new formula out that had a corn carbohydrate in it, not corn syrup but something different. Well Landon now has a rash all over his chest, upper arms, upper legs, and his neck. So I am going to take him to the Pedi tomorrow just to make sure it is only an allergy rash and not something more. This rash looks different than the original allergy rash that we had way back when.

Unfortunately Landon and I will be heading back to Dallas in the next week or so. My Aunt (dad's sister) is quickly losing her battle with rheumatiod arthritis. She is in Renal Failure and will fall asleep, go into a coma, and that will be it. I am really sad about it, and really wish she would have been able to meet Landon, but he wasn't allowed to visit her in the hospital due to his disorder and she wasn't released to hospice at home until after we had already left town. Please put her and our entire family in your prayers. Also please pray for safe travel for Landon and I flying to Dallas and then the majority of our family driving to and fromt he services when the do occur.

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