Wednesday, August 6, 2008

15 weeks & Belly Pics

Belly Pic Disclaimer: I had to hold my maternity tank top back (a life saver in AZ) b/c it is a little big so you could get the full effect ;o)

We made it to 15 weeks and I finally took belly pictures! I am in the stage where you can't tell if I am pregnant or just got fat :o( But, those who know me know that it's baby. I am getting excited the doctor said that between 15-18 weeks that I would be able to feel baby move for the first time. It will be a few weeks after that when Scott can feel it from the outside. I've heard it is a weird feeling, but I am looking forward to it.

Job news: I start on August 18th. I am really excited to get started and to start making money again, and I know Scott is just as excited as me. We can start buying things for the house and for baby.

My mom and I aren't talking again...Big surprise I know. I called on Monday to tell her I am pregnant and instead she yelled at me about things that hapened in High School and the early part of College. I was like seriously? This was about 10 years ago. I told her when she could let go (of past events and trying to control my life) and behave like an adult I would consider talking to her again. In which her response was to tell me we could text message each other weekly to "let one another know we are still alive." What a crock. So I will text message her and let her know she will be a grandma in January. That will piss her off more, but that was her choice.

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