Monday, August 11, 2008

Stupid Headaches...


I have had a headache since Saturday night. I know that I am allowed to take 2 tylenol every 4 hours, but I prefer to not take that much. Besides the tylenol just takes the edge off. This headache is in my eye socket...quite possibly the worst place for a headache. I have drank caffeine, water, eaten, etc and cannot get rid of it. I really hope it decides to find some where else to live soon. Or it may just feel better to take a hammer to skull (kidding, but that would even feel better than this stupid headache).

In other news...I get my scores back on my AZ licensing test to work in the schools today. Scott knows me all too well. He called and asked me to send me my number to look them up with so he could do it for me. I get so nervous with these kinds of things. I know I did well, hell i studied for 2 months, but even in college when I knew I aced a test I was still really nervous to look at my grade. I Love my husband, he's the bestest! The scores will definately be up after 5 p.m. but they said they could be up sooner. Keep your fingers, toes, and paws (if you have them in your house) crossed for us.

Did everyone watch the mens 4X100 relay last night? I will admit it I am one to yell at the t.v. and I was definately yelling at the t.v. last night. That was the colest swimming race ever. I am exstatic the U.S. won and it makes it even more sweet that it was against the stupid people who trash talked us, ha ha.

Men's gymnastics is tonight. Unfortunately I think the best they can do is a bronze medal. The women are tomorrow night and I am so excited. We sooo better beat the chinese team. That will be another yelling at the t.v. moment for me!

Current Craving: Baby Bell light semi-soft cheese...SOO good and Boomer will agree since I almost always share with him. He's too cute to say no to. Don't worry though Schwepps get's her share as well :o)

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