Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Dance

Yes, I actually did a happy dance today (with Landon) around the kitchen! It was well deserved too :o)

I called our Pedi this morning after talking to the Nutritionist from the Geneticists office last night. They were wanting us to start supplementing Landon's formula w/ all kinds of stuff since this Portagen (the Rx) formula, has basically filler junk in it, but they are medium chain fats. They wanted us to give him Flax Seed Oil by mouth 2X/day and then they were going to have some compounding Pharmacy make us all this other stuff to give him b/c he needs it to grow and develop properly, but again the Portagen is lacking it ALL. My problem w/ all of this was that the Nutritionist said that it would more than likely upset his stomach and give him diarhea...umm PASS, this kid has been through enough already and I am not willing to purposefully make him more miserable (and me too). So the Nutritionist had mentioned that there was a formula called Progestamil, that Landon could take and it contained everything he needed in it w/o having to be supplemented, it was just a bit more $$. Well I called the Pedi first thing this morning nicely demanding in a round about way that we be switched to the Progestamil, and explained every thing the Nutritionist had told me last night. Well thank God he completely agreed with me, and immediately put a call into the Geneticist just to double check and find out if Landon should have the formula with or without Lipil in it. Well, the Nutritionist called us back tonight, and had even better news for us...are you ready for it?!?!?


I am so excited, I have been basically begging to be able to nurse my son again at least a little bit, and since he isn't presenting as having the disorder...and everyone believing that he more than likely doesn't have it, or if he does it is very, very mild we can nurse again! So this is why Landon and I did a happy dance around the kitchen tonight!!

This is definately a step in the right direction, and the direction I know in my heart...that my son is a normal healthy child, and for whatever reason had his screenings and a test come back all weird. We will have to wait and see if I right about that yet.

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