Monday, February 2, 2009

More Pictures!

I cannot believe that Landon is already 2 weeks old today. It doesn't seem like we have had him that long. He is still a great baby, usually only fussing when he truly needs something. We also finally slept 99% of the night in our crib last night instead of in the recliner with mommy. I am very happy about this. Our Doulah brought over "The Happiest Baby on the Block" dvd yesterday and we watched it, and the techniques are amazing. A few of them combined are how I was able to get him to sleep in his crib. I definately reccomend it to anyone having a baby. I also got a Moby wrap (will post pics w/ it later). This is going to be a total God-send in the airport in march when we go to Dallas. It also allows me to eat w/ both hands (which is an amazing accomplishment right now), and do stuff around the house. I just can't cook with it on b/c we have a gas stove and it would put Landon too close to the burners.

Without further are the most recent pictures of Landon. I don't have any from today at 2 weeks b/c the camera battery is dead, and I can't figure out where Scott has all of the parts to charge it.

Great-Grandma came to visit, Landon really enjoyed cuddling with her.
Landon's favorite hang out is on a pillow on Daddy's lap. He's always alert and awake when hanging out with Daddy, but seems to fall asleep whenever he is with me.
First time in our swing. It was a little to fast for him, so I tapped it with my finger. He needs to be a little heavier before I think he will fully enjoy it. He really liked watching the rainforest animals move around on the mobile attatched to the swing though.
Hanging out in the vibrating chair. Jokingly nicknamed "The Vibrator" in our house. It's a great investment, I am hoping it allows me to shower during the day, instead of having to wait until Scott gets home.
Hanging out in the big bed w/ daddy for the first time. Daddy was happy to have Landon, but not so thrilled I was using it as photo time. It's a cute picture though.

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