Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Favorite Things

So I decided to put down in words my favorite things about Landon so far, that way I will have an account of it as he grows older. So here we go.

1. I love that you are such a cuddle bug. I could cuddle with you all day.

2. I love the "awww" noise that you make everytime after you sneeze.

3. I love all of your facial expressions. They are truly amazing, and I wish I could capture them all.

4. I love that you have my exact color red hair.

5. I love that you hate wearing socks and always kick them off, just like me.

6. I love how you look so happy when hanging out with Daddy.

7. I love how you don't laugh at me when I try to sing to you.

8. I love the smirk on your face after you poop or fart.

9. I love the way you look up at me w/ your big blue eyes when nursing.

10. I love how you don't fuss unless you truly need something.

11. I love that every time I sit down to finally eat you feel the need at that exact moment to be only held by me.

12. I love how you take this medicine like a champ.

13. I love how you smell.

14. I love how when you want your pacifier or are going to nurse that right before we put it in your mouth you shake your head side to side.

15. I love the face you give Boomer when he goes to smell you and kiss your feet for the millionth time that day.

16. I love that when you have had so much milk that you have fallen asleep w/ a smile or smirk that we call it "milk drunk".

17. I love that when we wake Daddy up you fall back asleep snuggled w/ him.

18. I love that you let Daddy and me take ots of pictures before getting fussy about it.

19. I love your big feet.

20. I love how you will sit on the couch and stare at us for hours while we talk to and play w/ you.

And mostly we love you.

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  1. This is really sweet-- great idea to post the memories!