Monday, March 23, 2009

Dallas Trip

Mommy and I went to Dallas March 17-22 to visit her family and a few friends. We had a really good time and kept very busy. I was able to meet lots of people, and we can't wait to go back and visit again. Although we had fun we are happy to be back at home with Daddy, Zach, Boomer and Schwepps. Here are some pictures from our trip. Mommy also had her and Daddy's wedding photographer take pictures of me while we were there as well. Funny story is that they decided to do the "naked baby pictures" and when they were done and Mommy picked me up, I peed all over her arm :o) So be on the look out for the link to the professional pictures when Matt puts them up for Mommy.

Hanging out w/ Susie at the Park...Like my new hat? I kept knocking it off and Mommy kept putting it back on.

Hanging out w/ Mommy at the park.

Giving Aunt Amy practice for when she has her baby this summer!

Mommy, Me, Uncle Aaron (he'll be 13 in April!), and Aunt Amy. Uncle Travis showed up later, but we didn't get a picture with him. He's 16 and barely shorter than Granpa.

Traveling and meeting all these people is hard work. Mommy caught me taking a nap in my new bouncy chair. I loved this bouncy chair so much that Mommy had to check it on the plane and bring it home.

This is me after taking our professional pictures with Matt. I was ready to head to to dinner, but Mommy and everyone else took much longer.

This is Mommy and me on the airplane. Everyone commented on how good I was. I slept the entire time on both flights in my infant carrier. The Yorkie puppy in the row behind us on the way back made WAY more noise than I did.

I turned 2 months old while we were in Mommy took my picture with my new stickers that just stick to my shirt and she takes a picture! Much easier than drwing out on paper and such!

Uncle Aaron holding me for the first time. Mommy says he sat there frozen b/c he was so scared he would drop me.

This is me with Granpa. We arrived on St. Patrick's Day so this was my outfit! Granpa was funny and would hold me more than anyone else :o)

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