Friday, March 13, 2009

Update on Allergies

So after an exhaustive track down of out Nutritionist, we have a new formula "recipe". We have not tried it yet because we are still waiting to recieve the 2 new types of formula in the mail from the manufacturing company. I am very grateful that they are sending it to use free of charge. We will be combining 2 types of formula w/ breast milk and MCT oil. We will still be nursing every other feeding so I am happy with what we have come up with. I am just really hoping the whole mixing process of the new stuff is not as complicated as it looks to me right now. I am sure after Scott and I do it a few times, it will be cake. I am very glad also that for the time being until we get the new formula at the house I am able to nurse Landon full time. I have had to supplement with Alimentum (Hypo allergenic Formula over the counter) a few times b/c this whole formula fiasco has really screwed with my milk supply. But, we are on meds, tea, herbal supplements, etc to help with that!

Landon still has the allergy rash on his cheeks, behind his ears, under his chin, and the back of his neck. It is looking better though. The Pedi oked us to put Hydrocortisone cream on it 2X a day and then to put Cetaphil lotion on it with every diaper change in between. After putting the Cortisone on it once tonight it already looks 1000X better so I am very happy about that. I am determined to get rid of the rash before our photo's with Matt on Wednesday. Landon has his 2 month well check on Monday so I will have the Pedi look at it again then to make sure it is going away like it is supposed to be. Keep your fingers crossed that we are able to get rid of the rash, before photos!

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