Monday, March 2, 2009

Landon's Baptism

Landon was baptised at our house on Saturday February 28. We had all of our family in town, and lots of out of town family and friends. We really enjoyed having everyone come and celebrate such a special occasion with us. Pastor Hook, of our new church here in Arizona baptised him and did such a wonderful job! Landon's God Father is a really good and long time friend of Scott's from College, whom I have become really good friends with too, Gary Hyde. And his God Mother is my sister, Amy although she wasn't able to make it b/c she lives in Dallas. We chose to have him baptised at our house instead of waiting until April after RSV season is over to have it done at church. With everything that we have been through with him and the possibility of him having this rare genetic disorder we decided to have him baptised sooner rather than later. So here are some pictures from Saturday!

Landon with his God Father Gary!

Landon actually getting baptised by Pastor Hook.

The closest to a complete group shot that we captured. We are missing a few from here though.

Hanging out with Daddy. He loves to look over Daddy's shoulder b/c he can see everything since Daddy is tall.

Definately not a special occasion at our house w/o cake.

Proud Parents watching the baptism.
Hanging out with Aunt Patti is always alot of fun.
Landon always stretches all the way out whenever he is sitting with Great Grandma, I am glad we were able tog et a picture of it.

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