Monday, July 7, 2008

Alot to catch up on

Since arriving in AZ we have had alot of stuff going on. Some good, some sad. But all of it is a part of life (unofrtunately in some cases).

I'm going to make a list b.c it will be alot easier than trying to organize it any other way.

1. We finished picking out everything for the house. It was alot of fun, and neat to see everything together. I cannot wait to see the house finished in the next few months. We are now in the waiting game. The builder is supposed to call us any day now to go lay out on the lot where we want our house to sit. After that they will start to build the house, which is the exciting part.

2. This is the sad part. On Thursday I noticed a lump and some blood under the right front leg (basically his arm pit) of our Husky, Harry. We took him to the vet up the street and they did tests and blood work, etc. We found out that he had cancer (the tumor was bleeding b/c it had burst from irritation). He also had Valley Fever, which is a sickness that dogs and humans can get here in AZ. You get it from sniffing or breathing in the spores. It is curable but takes at least 6 months of treatments that are hyper expensive. Harry also had (we already knew about these) a problem where his spinal cord was fusing together which was causing him great pain even though he never complained. As well as a condition that Husky's get that the blood vessels in their eyes grow into the cornea causing problems.

Unfortunately we had to make the hard decision on putting him to sleep on Thursday. It was the right thing to do, but it didn't make it any easier. Scott, Z, myself, and my MIL where there with him when he was put down. The house is really weird w/o him and it's even more wierd to only have Boomer and Schwepps left.

3. Some happier things. We had friends over for the 4th of july (friends from church in TX that moved out here last year) and we went and saw the fireworks at A mountain. It was alot of fun and it was great to catch up with everyone.

4. Scott, Bev and I went looking for furniture for the new house. This house is WAY bigger than the one we had in Frisco so we will need lots of new stuff to fill in the spaces. We found ALOT of stuff that we really liked. We will continue to look b/ we cannot buy anything until the house is near finished b/c we have no where to store it until then.

5. Finally I am going today to meet with Marissa, the HR lady that I have been talking to for months over the phone at my new job. I am really excited to finally meet her and getting everything ready to start work in August.

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