Wednesday, July 9, 2008

11 weeks!

We have made it to 11 weeks as of today!! I am excited only 2 weeks and 3 days more until 2nd trimester. Woohoo!

Not too much going on here. I am studying for My Arizona test for my license. The test is on Saturday. For whatever reason I am very calm and relaxed about it. I have been studying on and off, but I am not worried about it. Weird. Wish me luck. I am a little nervous about the essay, but everyone i have talked to at my employer has said that it is no big deal and you'll be fine.

We have a set back on the house :o( Our realtor called last night saying that the buyers demanded we give them 3 days to back out (option period ended over a week ago) or they would back out right then and forfit their money. Apparently they actually read the HOA stuff and it said that you can't have a car w/ a company logo parked in the drive way. Well apparently this lady has a live-in boyfriend that owns a plumbing business and he has to park his van in the back. This is all al oad of crap b/c all of the realtos, etc in the neighborhood have their logos all over their cars, the lawn people who live in the neighborhood have their trucks w/ trailers with the logo on them. AND we had our Xterra parked out back for 5 years with logo stickers from companies we had put their parts on it for 4-wheeling, etc and the HOA NEVER said anything to us about it and the president lived across the street from us. And to top it all off, the mailbox that a family's teenager ran over 3 years ago still hasnt been fixed. They just piled the bricks up and set the actual mailbox part on top of it. If this sale doesnt go through b/c of this Scott and I are seriously considering taking some form of action against the HOA b/c all of the sudden they are "enforcing" something on a buyer that they don't enforce on anyone else in the neighborhood. Excuse me, but BULL SHIT!

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  1. unh uh, no backing out at this stage. Give them three days and they'll likely back out and you'll be out the money as well.

    They may be looking for another reason to back out as well, it could be a front.