Thursday, July 24, 2008

13 weeks!

We made it to 13 weeks! Technically it was yesterday, and if you go by how we measured at the last u/s it was Sunday, but that's a moot point. Only 2 more days until the 2nd trimester and we are mostly out of the woods for losing baby!! I am so excited. I go to the doctor next week for my 14 week appt and we get to schedule the BIG u/s where we find out the sex of the baby then!! We will have that u/s at the hospital where baby is born b/c they have the level 2 u/s machine. What that means...I have no idea. We will also sign up for birthing classes, and out hospital tour at that point as well. It is going alot faster than I thought it would! We finally decided on baby furniture, now we just have to ait to order it until I start working and we have a better idea of when the house will be finished.

Monday morning Scott noticed my "pregnant pooch" as he called it. Not sure I like the word pooch, but it was cute that he pointed it out. I had not even noticed it yet so he is good.

For all you Dallas folks, we will be back to visit (read: go to the fair) the weekend of October 10-12. We will be going to the fair with Gary and Kristin on the 11th and hopefully hang out with my dad and brothers and sister on the 12th. Give us a shout if you are interested in going to the fair with us.

I will start posting belly pics in the next week or so, you can't see too much yet, but that should change soon.

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